Halfway point 2014

So we've hit the midpoint of the season. We're at 6-3. We're on pace to surpass last years offensive output by 100 points and cut 150 points from last years against totals. Count me as happily surprised with the turnaround as I guessed 6-7 wins on the season.

Heading into the 2nd half we have only 2 eastern division games - in Ottawa and Hamilton at home. Obviously we have the Riders twice coming up, we also have 2 against each of the Lions and Stamps, and one vs Edm, plus 2 bye weeks. Even a bad second half of the season with only 3 wins puts us at 9-9 on the year which would have been fantastic before the year started, but might be disappointing to fans now. Incredible.

My prediction:

vs. BC - split
vs. Stamps - win at home, lose in Calgary. Been forever since we've won in Calgary not feeling it this year.
vs. Riders - split
vs Edm, Ham, Ott - we take 2/3 of these games

That would give us a 5-4 record in the second half, 11-7 overall, should be enough to get us into the playoffs I think.

How's everyone thinking the second half of the season shakes out? Any holes (-cough Oline cough ) that we need to fix to get us over the hump?

Realistically Calgary sweeps us , unless the game in NOV means nothing to the Stamps.

Speaking of which, what do you guys think about us having a bye during the last week? If we can squeak by BC, it would give guys 2 weeks to rest & get ready for the East Semi. On the other hand for a team that has had problems starting slow (over the past 5 or so years), it could be a negative....

I'm thinking at that point in the season a rest is very welcomed.

Given how tight the standings are in the west right now there could still be a lot to play for in that last week so we may not see the other teams being able to rest their starters much. BC plays Calgary and Edm plays the Riders, if there’s something on the line for each team it would certainly be fun to watch them beat up on each other. Would be more fun if we had a playoff spot locked down that week so we’re not waiting on the outcomes.

If we’re playoff bound, could be a huge boost for some parts of the roster. Giving Willy some time to rest some bumps and bruises from a porous Oline. Vega has missed a couple of weeks now this season due to injuries, a foot problem I think it’s been. Seems like it’s something he’ll have to deal with the rest of the year off and on unless they’re going to sit him for a couple of consecutive weeks and use Fraser, which doesn’t seem likely. I’m still scratching my head on the comments on where would Alex Hall fit into the roster. Vegas missed games, Fraser hasn’t been terribly noticeable when he gets in, and I’m not sure about you guys but Peach has barely been noticeable since his big game in Hamilton. If we stick with our current group of Dline, I think that bye week right before playoffs should help re-energize them. I think it showed in our lineup this week after getting an extended break from the Tuesday Argo game.

You can't take what they say as total truth. They'd be fools to not at least look into the possibility of a signing. Just not tipping their hat. I'd love to see Hall back.
Back to the final bye week Watson & Sears who are always dinged up could use the time off to be ready, and Moore also has toe/foot issues that constantly nag him.

....Seems the leagues schedule makers have seen fit to give our guys some rest for the final push...Certainly some of the players need it....It's been a tough grind up till now and the bumps and bruises to key players will get time to heal...Here's hoping we can stay relatively healthy right till the end of the year...it's key... :wink:

Very pleasantly surprised at not only the record, but in a number of things, most notably their ability to find Canadian players that can be counted on to do a good job rather than just fill out the roster. Thought this would be something that would take Walters and company some time to accomplish, however, the improvement in this department in the span of one year is impressive. Regardless of what happens in the second half of the season, there's finally reason to believe the future is very bright in Bomberville. Now let's go beat the Riders on Sunday! :slight_smile: