HALFWAY AND.............?

So far so good, 1st in the west, but we have been here before, so now lets here from you the fans.

Can I take the poll last week of November. To many crazy things happen in the CFL come Oct/November to predict now. I believe they are very capable of hoisting a Grey Cup though. Playing good football this summer let's hope it continues for the rest of the season. I want Montreal to take out Calgary this week and lose big time to BC next.

Good post Johnythunder. So many things can happen. Has Dave Dickenson got his anual injury our of the way now? Can Paul McCallum continue to keep his FG percentage in the 90% range? Can the defense keep up this strong pace?

Calgary peaked down the stretch last year. They could have a lot to say. And, I will never, never, never, write off the Eskimos until they are mathematically out of it. Too many times they have come back from the dead.

Machoka will drive a wooden stake through the Esks heart. Calgary is streaky depending upon Burris, but they do have Danny Mac in the wings,he’s a sleeper.
Defense wins championships and BC can play it tough.

Looking at the future, BC might finish 12-6 or 11-7. Probably good for 1st place in west. Possible wins include Montreal, Hamilton(2), Calgary, and Winnipeg. Possible losses include Montreal, Saskatchewan, and Calgary. BC should win the grey cup for 2 reasons. First, the best balanced BC team in years. Strong offense, defense and special teams. Secondly, favorable matchups in playoffs. BC always beat Montreal and Calgary.

were taking the cuo no doubt

definatly taking the cup theres no one we cant beat in one game

Taking the cup!