Halftime Yesterday

Excuse my ignorance but which player did they honour at yesterdays game?

Glad to help...

Terry Evanshen WR # 25 in 1975

He scored 26 points in the game played September 7th 1975

His time was so short, I almost missed it too.

Terry Evanshen was honoured, and the worst halftime entertainment of the year.

The entertainment may not have been the best but it was worth seeing Terry again and to honour him not only for all his contributions to the TiCats, but for all him and his family has been through.

It wasn't honouring Terry that was bad, it was the martial arts demo that was poor.....what ever happened to Mascot Soccer? :slight_smile:

As in most halftimes, I couldn't care less what happens so they could put on a rerun on the board of Gilligans Island and I could care less but it was nice, after I went down to the can for my obligatory half time squirt, to see Terry on the board. Great CFL player and I wish all the best in the future to him with what he has gone through.

Let's have a dog race, maybe that is what people want? Seriously. Who cares, most are down getting some chow or going to the can for pete sakes. :roll: :roll: :roll:

Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Evanshen's record setting day happen in Ottawa at Lansdowne Park?

Not wanting to take away from his achievements but not really tied to Ivor Wynne is it?

Surely we could've come up with something more consistent with the pattern thus far this year?

BTW ... having these celebrations at half time is meaningless ... do it before the game ... get the crowd, and the team, motivated even moreso.

Just my thoughts.

I am sure someone knows but how did Terry score 26 I only know him as a receiver?

Yes, it happened at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa. Evanshen caught four touchdown passes and added a two-point convert.

Thanks MP I wondered how that worked.

There's a 2005 movie called The Man Who Lost Himself based on his life. Also, a book by June Callwood of the same title.

An Argo-Cat fan

Missed my point ... this didn't even happen at IWS ... about as meaningless as having these tributes at half time

Not only this halftime, but all of the halftimes this year have been TERRIBLE!

On Labour Day they didn’t even time the Arkells video properly!

Bring back the dogs, get some local bands to play, bring in Timbits football, Mascot Football, Army Demonstrations, Eating Contests, etc.