Halftime Speech#3

Alright men! Great win last week, you came out and beat them, when nobody said you could. Im very proud! Now when i turn on my TV, you know what i see? It's the Riders and the Alouettes. You know what their saying? Montreal should be able to come away with an easy win. Now, are WE gonna let them talk that way about our team! HUH?!?! NO!! We're better than that! I don't know about you, but i KNOW that i LOVE and i mean LOVE to disapoint our doubters!!! People say "but their the alouettes, nobody can beat them" Well, what are they men? They are no more than what we are, only in different colors. So we are gonna go on that f**king field out there, and we are going to prove all those doubters wrong!!!! We are going to turn on the TV saturday morning and see those same doubters stutter the words THE SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDERS CAME AWAY WITH A WIN AGAINST THE MONTREAL ALOUETTES!!!! We'll do it for ourselves, we'll do it for each other, and we'll do it most importantly for our millions of fans across this great nation! Why? BECAUSE WE ARE THE GREEN AND WHITE MEN! THE SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDERS!!!!!!!!


if this game were at Mosaic? I would say the odds are pretty great for them to defeat the Alouettes..

but this is in Montreal! I'm not sure if they will do it. I would love to see them pull off an upset win in Montreal, but my mind really doesn't see a Rider Victory..

It could be a close game! it's difficult to really make a solid prediction.. now more than ever.

Another good pep-talk. We will need this type of positive thinking to get by the Als this week. If we can improve our special teams play - no blocked punts and positive yards on run backs - I think we will win.

Ladies and Gentleman please put on your Green and attach your standard issue watermelon helmet properly.Stand up loud and proud and cheer on your green and white. Montreal is far.......but is it to FAR?? HELL NO!! they can't escape the sea of green. This isn't just another Friday in Saskatchewan it's GAME DAY!!!!

                                                      GO RIDERS GO