halftime shows etc

some questions?
Why is everything geared to the south stands?Every interview,competition,halftime show etc.They are not shown on tv.Maybe the north side should get a discount as compensation for this neglect and lack of consideration.
Why does Lesley Stewart always scream?As she gets excited she goes up several octaves .I'm afraid my glasses are going to break.So shrill!!
The etc.Why was there only one gate open on Beechwood after last night's game?It was a potential disaster waiting to happen.What if there was an emergency?

As I sat in the end zone with an ok view of the show I thought the same thing looking over at the north stands.

Next half time show I request he makes Jake Ireland disappear! :lol:

have to agree with 1st post
Magic can not be done in a Stadium..
This was a bad Idea.

Even as a season ticket holder on the south side I have wondered about this. Maybe it is because more seats are on that side (?) or because they have to stay away from the players benches during the game but this would not explain the halftime show.

The empty half time field after the tiger cage was wheeled away probably was the result of the difficulty timing the show. It seemed funny that there was nothing happening, but it went with the rest of the first half. Perhaps that was the cue to hit the refreshment stands. Everyone stood in their seats for the whole magic routine in our Box. Must have made the concessions wonder what was going on.

Why not always have the Mac cheerleaders do their routine a second time at mid-field if time allows during half time? They get on and off in a second. There would be time even while the players wander back on field.

Now ....Lesley Stewart is a broadcast professional who NEVER screams into a mike on her daily TV appearances. I think she has become so enthusiastic about the team and the stadium, she seems to leave her training behind in her excitement on field.

Perhaps she can try some different microphones to make sure she is heard over the crowd without yelling, but I think she is like some of our rookie players....trying really hard but forgetting their training camp lessons in their excitement.

And shuffling out of the stadium like cattle

just added one more frustrating annoyance to an evening
that provided all the frustration and annoyance we needed.

Most half time shows face the t.v. camera..don't they?

We complain about everything don't we?

I do have to agree with most of the above though.

Since they are broadcast on the "tigervision" screen i assume its because the cameras (other than the handhelds) are positioned on the south side

The cameras on the south side are TSN's so they would not be involved in broadcasting the half-time show. So they would not be a factor. Only the portable handhelds would be so there is complete flexibility for where the show is camera wise. Maybe it is done for the private boxes and Hall-of-Fame Club?

Why does Lesley Stewart always scream?As she gets excited she goes up several octaves .I'm afraid my glasses are going to break.So shrill!!

You answered your own question, buddy, "...she gets excited." Why don't you stop complaining about everything and try supporting the team yourself.

But at least from the North stands you got to see them sneak the tiger out of the back of the box camoflaged in a turf-matching green blanket.

Lesley can do whatever she wants!!!! It's fine with me!!!! We need more Lesley!!!! I don't get my fill every weekday from 5:30-9.

I've been watching the Cheer Team very carefully for some time now. Lesley has them working together as a good solid team. Well rehearsed, everybody knows what they're supposed to do and they do it well. This team is disciplined, practiced and prepared for game day.

If Taaffe doesn't get his on-field team performing up to par, maybe Lesley could step in and give him some advice. :lol:

Lesley needs to calm down and learn to speak one heck of a lot slower. Otherwise, her high-pitched voice echoes so much that you cannot understand her. Never mind the ridiculous promotions she is forced to do...

Agreed! I like Leslie's wonderful smile and enthusiasm, but she definitely speaks too fast. I'm wondering if the folks at CHCH have ever discussed this with her. At times, she is indiscernible because of her racing voice.
She seems like a very nice, wholesome girl, but needs to slow down her voice deliveries.

Half time shows here have traditionally played to the side of the field with the press box. When it was civic stadium they played mostly to the north side. When the new south stands were built with the press box the opposite was true.

The fact that they played mostly to the south stands was a contributing factor in purchasing season tickets in the north stands some 35 yrs ago! :twisted:

Hey Sigpig and Spike Jones,

Lesley Stewart is one of the best on-air personalities at CHCH and I'm sure they know that. I doubt there are a lot of viewers that agree with the two of you considering the fact the station managers seem to give her an increasing amount of work. I certainly don't have a problem understanding her, either on TV or at the games, and I don't know anybody else who does. Maybe the fact you have difficulty grasping what she is saying is not a reflection of Lesley at all. I do know that not only does she do one hell of a job for CHCH and the Ticats, she is a shining ambassador for the great city of Hamilton.

I agree with them. Her high pitched shrills can pop an ear drum. She sounds like a teeny bopper at a new kids concert.