Halftime Show

It seems to me that the Half-Time Show at the dome seems to lack imagination and any kind of money. Not to mention the high cheese factor that surrounds the whole production. If there isn't enough money to get a good halftime show going, maybe they can get huge marching bands like they use in US college.

It was boring, and I was glad when it ended. I would have rather been in the line up to use the toilet than watch that "show". The PNE still has the same blow-up dolls from 30 years ago, you'd think they'd change it up a bit.

was it the grizzlies or ravens that had bands playing??? music would be good, some arena rock to keep the energy going!!! and please no marching bands or bag pipes!!!

I enjoy watching peewee football for a half time show. They keep me entertained for a good 10 mins. Or maybe they should have a series of challenges for 10 mins(ie. Subway make a sandwiche contest, the peddle cart races)