Halftime show for Sept 30th ?

Is there live stream for the Game and Half time show this Saturday Sept 30th 57/67 Reunion. Thank you Jody Henley Boston

Speaking of half time shows...years ago we always had something cool at half time like dog races or something . Now we have nothing .

yes I remember years ago we always had something cool at half time

You should PM Caretaker, with Henley in your name I am sure he will respond!

At the top of the page, go to members, look up Caretaker and private message him,
he is a great guy, he owns the team.

i kinda remember those... wouldn't have called any of the cool. i kinda miss the kids football games.

i remember the dog races being terrible.... and that was as a kid.

hamilton has a vibrant music scene.

by the number of people outside of THF at halftime, I'd say some music would work nicely.

showcase up and coming bands.

otherwise, it never hurts to have some kids playing football at halftime.

Used to love those dog races....they were fun....

I'd kinda like to see some cat races. Now THAT would be cool. :wink: