Halftime show - Better alternatives than live music?

Not that I am knocking Nelly Furtado, I think she is fine at what she does even though she is not my musical preference.

It's just that it is very difficult if not impossible to get a live music act that everyone will like.

Add to that the complications of trying to capture a good sound at an outdoor stadium, or any stadium, and getting that to sound good on tv.

Even at the superbowl, live music acts seem to fall flat.

At one Grey Cup halftime show they had a fireworks show.

This was criticised by some as being lame but I don't see what the problem was.

Anyone have any ideas for an alternative to the live music halftime show?

I watch the Grey Cup for the game and the analysis not the half time "entertainment." I don't care what they do for a halftime show, that's the time to replenish the supplies from the beer fridge.

...I would like to see the halftime show honour great players, builders, website mods, etc. from the past......maybe individuals from the host city's team....or maybe a huge motorcycle jump over a shark tank....(bonus points if you correctly interpret the last idea).....

They could have an olympic rules boxing match.

"Bouts consist of a total of four rounds. Each round is two minutes in length with a one-minute interval between each round."

I dunno, Red, but compared to some of the GCs in recent years, looks like this year’s game (and the trophy itself) has “jumped the shark.” :lol:

Bring back the Miss Grey Cup Pageant!!


...first prize is KK will be stopping by your place as his connecting airline at Pearson barred him access back to the US ....

Hey, Maybe Wendy’s can move their ‘Kick for a Million’ to the GC halftime. Whatever the show is, keep it short. As Wally Buono says, 28 minutes is too long.

I'd go with the Kick for a Million idea for GC.....

i think they just need to find a musical artist known to all. i saw the paul McCartney half time show at the SB and that was fantastic. I don't think any thing else would really fit into it. maybe have all the mmascots play a mini game of football.

I'll third that motion, that way us americans can watch it too.