Halftime show 1991 Toronto

IMO, this was probably one of the Best Half time shows at a CFL game


Not to be picky, but Grey Cup was in Winnipeg in 1991.

This would probably have been in 1992. But yes, having the Blues Brothers, would definitely be considered one of the most fun half time acts.

As opposed to the "Booze Brothers", those loveable knuckleheads that attend every Grey Cup dressed like...you guessed it....Jake and Elwood.

It was a Toronto vs Hamilton game. You can see the half time score.

...sigh, John Candy, miss that guy...

Nope, this was 1991, it was the first game with Rocket Ishmail against Hamilton. 41,000 fans and the place was rocking...

[url=http://www.argonauts.ca/2009/06/03/20-years-of-argos-memories-at-the-dome/]http://www.argonauts.ca/2009/06/03/20-y ... -the-dome/[/url]