Halftime adjustments

I was impressed with Coach Steinauer's halftime adjustments and the defense as a whole which we all have not been able to say for a long while.

18 yards rushing in the second half for Simpson is fabulous though of course the touchdown was 17 of them and as tough. Really like Coach Austin and his coordinators. Much better effort and execution today. Stating the obvious again we must stop the big run play but we'll take the win.

6 sacks awesome, somewhere Joe Montford and Grover Covington are smiling.

Saskatchewan will be tough. Hopefully, A.F. is back that would be huge but for all the Gigere haters he played great today as did B. Grant.

Keep this coaching staff for multiple years. Intelligent men and in Steinauer's case I think will get better game to game. Austin's resume is already there.

Very encouraging game!!

Amen to all the above Rev....

The D really stepped up in not just the 2nd half.. but immediately following that 75 yard stat inflating run by Simpson.

I'm not sure if it is possible (due to the defensive schemes used, or perhaps I am stating the obvious) but with the multiple long runs from scrimmage the team has given up so far this year, can they not just spy a lb or db on the other team's rb? Done well, it could possibly eliminate or at least lessen the frequency of said long runs. :wink: