Halftime 2019 GC

wanna get my nomination in early

k.d. lang singing Hallelujah

a classic version of a classic song written by a classic Canadian.

Here’s Kd performing the song at the 2010 Olympics, although she might need to pick up the pace with a country version for the Grey Cup :):

The Leonard Cohen song?

She does a good job on “Helpless” by Neil Young as well.

GC half time is too long and takes away from the game. Big waste of time imo.

My vote is still for Helix.

Burton Cummings with the guess who.

I’m starting to feel this way too. Perhaps it’s time to rethink Grey Cup halftime . . . or are younger people still interested in the live music performances?

I’d be curious to see the halftime show ratings over the past ten years or so. I’m not sure whether they would spike or dip.

…GC2019 halftime show should do Mascot Football

Idina Menzel & Michael Bublé singing “Baby It’s Cold Outside” would get my vote.

Give me an R …

anyone singing that song would work for me