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sambo42 wrote:
The person who single-handedly got you two of your 3 wins last year is now an Eskimo.. and unless the D has greatly improved over last year, which I seriously doubt, 3 or 4 wins could be an overestimation, until the Cats maul the Igloo very shortly and make me eat my frozen crow.**

:D :D :D

Oski Tee Hee,

lol I love it Russ

He's now recanting on a thread on cfl.ca saying he expects us to get 7-11 wins

Why boldly predict if you are just going to change your mind AFTER you have been proven wrong

The Drew Rosenhaus School of Fudgification is always looking for new recruits. LOL


Lmao go Cats go

How would he get us wins injured on the sideline???