Half time speech#2

Okay boys (and girls) We can’t let Hamilton beat us! We can’t lose faith! Who are we?!? THE RIDERS! What do we do? FIND WAYS TO WIN GAMES!!! So we lost to BC, does that mean it’s time to pack it up and forget about the rest of the season or assume after every loss that we’re gonna keep on losing? HELL NO! We get back on that field and we work our asses off and fight for every thing we can get. Are they gonna give it to us? NO! WE HAVE TO FIGHT FOR IT!!! Are we gonna just give up on our green riders after all the memories we have had in the last how ever many years (Im guessing for most if not all of us that’s our entire lives)? NO! Have faith don’t ever ever ever quit! Stand up, get up, shut up, dust yourself off and never give up!


Good speech GCUP89. Much appreciated and I think it should hold us in good stead for a glorious victory on Sunday.

remember last year vs ticats at home when dressler pulled out that amazing last minute catch in the 4th to win the game thats working hard and thats what they can do this weekend GO RIDERS

Amen! I remember that very well, i watched that in my basement! GO RIDERS!

Listen up men . . . Turn that sh!t off . . . Listen up men.
Tonight is no different than any other night. Tonight we step on the field: Angry, capable, proud and skilled.
We got the Ti-Cats. They think they're on a roll this year.
They think they're comin' onto your field (points at Stevie Baggs) and telling you how to play football.
Their Defence thinks they can stop you (points at Wes Cates).
I heard they said, they have one of the best offensive lines in the league!
What do you think of that (turns and makes eye contact with multiple defensive players) ?
I am talking to you Defence! WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THAT?!?! (Loud yells of protest from Defence)
They think they're crashing through your wall (points to Gene Makowsky, then the rest of the O-line amongst loud defiant bursts of anger)
They are walking into your stadium and underestimating you (points at Darian Durant).
They think they're gonna' beat the Roughriders in the Roughriders' house!
I can think of at least 30,000 agressive freaks that disagree with them!
As I look around this dressing room, I think it's over 30,000!
When I step on that field, I am going to think of one thing:
This is not a game . . . this is not a way to make a living . . .
This is my moment! This is your moment!
Tonight is my own personal highlight reel!
Tonight we play Football!
And there is only one way to play Football in our house.
In OUR HOUSE you play Roughrider Football!!!
ONE, TWO, THREE . . . ROUGHRIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn good post.

Gave me goosebumps.

Almost got off the couch to look for my cleats......almost......

Tomorrow at 5 o'clock im gonna be cheering "LETS GO RIDERS" boom.....boom.....boomboomboom "LETS GO RIDERS" boom...boom.boomboomboom lets get all of riders nation cheering!!! wait the game starts at 5 right?

Damn good to know you'll be ready if we need you in there! :cowboy:

Fantastic post Thryllin!!! I am from Hamilton and a die hard ti-cat fan and cfl fan. and I have to say, that speech makes me proud, makes me proud to be a cfl fan!!! Cant wait for kick off!!! Lets hope no one gets hurt, and that its a good fight to the end!



Your pep talk did it again GCUP89. Thanks for the boost - we needed that win badly.

Might be a good idea to have Thryllin in the locker room at half time! Then maybe they won't sh#t the bed for the third quarter anymore!