Half Time Show

That was the poorest half time show in all my years of both watching and attending Grey Cup games. My only thought is that Molson sponsored the show so they could sell more beer at the game. The demographic of the show was not designed for most of the loyal fans of the CFL.

I liked that they brought Gordon Lightfoot to the half time show, so that we had a performer who was old enought to have been at all the games! :roll:


With the exception of Gordon Lightfoot what was with that halftime show!!! I wonder who at the CFL was responsible for that, what were they thinking? For a 100 year celebration of the Grey Cup that was a joke!

could not agree with you more. If anyone in the US was watching, they must have been laughing.

I didnt have an issue with who they brought, just felt that the delivery was a little off. Sooner or later you have to expand your fan base to the younger audience. Alot better than Nickleback imo.

I don't care who is in the half time show I don't watch them, if it made some girl happy good for her.

  1. Burton Cummings did a decent job on the National Anthem. Good on you Burton even if you are from Winterpeg! :wink:

  2. Gordon Lightfoot looked like he was already in MAdame Toussaud's wax museum. Did anyone else think they were at a local legion on a Saturday night. Too bad as he is an excellent songwriter but performing days were over 30 years ago.

  3. Carly-Rae Jepsen is a decent singer. Never heard of her but she was the best of the youn uns.

  4. First act was wierd.

  5. Bieber looked like an athlete who had crotch rot when performing. What is the big deal about this kid???

Johnny Reid: Ok, if you like that style. Probably the best of all the acts, if you like that style. I don't, but it was ok.

Burton Cummings: I have heard worse renditions of the national anthem. But he didn't seem to be singing in his own style. Too bad.

Gordon Lightfoot: The voice isn't there anymore. That is one of my favourite Canadian songs ever, and have seen him sing it quite well in concert a few times. Too bad the young crowd who tuned in for the other acts ended up hearing this version.

Marianas Trench: I actually kind of liked them. I would have liked to hear more of them. I suspect they were lip-synching, though. Not sure.

Carly Rae Jepsen: Nice voice, but does she sing anything else but that song?

Justin Bieber: I really have no idea what the hype is all about. He's an ok singer, but if he wants to be the next Michael Jackson, he needs to be a) a great singer, b) he needs to be a great dancer (he's not even close), and c) he needs to start singing songs that appeal to a larger demographic, i.e. more than just early teen girls. I found him quite boring. Not horrible, but nowhere near as good as his hype makes him out to be.

Did anyone else notice that Burton sang the 'old' version of the anthem? He left out the "God keep our land" part, opting instead for "O Canada."

No big whoop for me, but I thought it was worth pointing out nonetheless.

I honest to God do not know why or how Justin Bieber is famous. I had not heard his music until tonight and I was far from impressed.

Also that Studder song by Marianah's Trench (sp?) was just awful.

I thought the same thing... it even sounded like he was making fun of speech impediments

It is a shame that they cut back the Canadian Railroad Trillogy to an abbridged version.

Every year we all bash the halftime show . This year im not going to do it . They had a country singer a really old guy singer a middle age singer and some young stars . I think the organiser covered all the bases :thup:

Yes it was a lame duck half time. No one impressed me. Carly was lip singing for sure.

I missed the Burton Cummings segment so I can't comment on that part but the rest was so very disappointing. Why Lightfoot chose that song I've no idea. I was hoping he'd sing "If You Could Read My Mind". The other artists to me were a total waste. Hopefully the organizers of the Grey Cup 2013 will have a clue.

I assume he chose the Canadian Railroad Trilogy for the metaphor of the train binding the country together and of course the Grey Cup 100 Train Tour that just took place. "If You Could Read My Mind" is a beautiful song, but a tad mellow for a Grey Cup halftime.

I don't care what people think of Justin Bieber, his music, his dancing, or his persona. They should not have booed the kid. That was classless IMO. :thdn:

Football fans "HATED" Bieber and booed him incessantly!!


I like the "review" I think the guy is right, ALL the acts were terrible. From Burton Cummings butchering the Anthem to a glityz no substance Bieber performance.
Since the half time was close to an hour long I got to watch most of the "The Amazing Race" and just switched over to the Grey Cup when the ads were on.
I realize the CFL was trying to get viewers that have never watched a football game and will never watch football but this was bad, even for people that just tuned in for the half time show.

[url=http://www.ottawasun.com/2012/11/25/grey-cup-2012-justin-biebers-bubble-gum-pop-way-too-sweet-during-half-time]http://www.ottawasun.com/2012/11/25/gre ... -half-time[/url]

Tony Clement was saying on twitter that his daugther was only watching the game for halftime, so mission accomplished on that front. Nobody was all that impressive though, which with the sheer number of acts they had is kind of disappointing. CRJ was my favorite one.

They didn't show a couple of them on TV, so maybe we missed something. Seems unlikely though.