Half time Show????

THat was a great football game --one of the best ever --BUT did they have to ruin it with that DIsgracefull Halftime show ---!!?? Terrible Entertainment -DEfinitely NOT for family viewing --

who cares?

Who cares? I'm sure all of the Americans that tuned in for the game to see what the CFL was like cared. That could sure hurt the CFL in the future.Terrible Performance.

I can't believe you guys are getting offended by that having the black eyed peas is atracting attention from all the american fans of them, and bringing in younger fans to the CFL. Do you think that as many people would have tuned in if they were showing Bryan Adams, or the Barenaked Ladies. I understand the sound was crappy but that also has something to Do with BC place, It's not designed for music and the accustics are crappy

They should have run the instrument pickups into the audio mix going out to the TV viewers directly from the mixer. it was like all you could hear from the instruments was the bleed from the amplifiers, making the vocals wayyy to loud, but I have a strong suspicion that wouldn't have changed the opinion of what they sounded like to many here. I do give them credit though that they could have just showed up with a record without vocals, got the dj to play it and just rapped over it, which may have sounded better to TV but they brought their full instrumentation.

I dont believe that American are so shallow that they would give up on the CFL because of the Half-time show

Why not ro? Some of them gave up on their own league after a half time show was too sexy. This one had no nipple slip but it was nonetheless pretty sexy and gyrating, using terms like “sex me” and lots of Fergie jumping up and down. We Canadians might find that stuff funny, but it does not play well in some places in family values middle America and the Deep South.

I didn't watch it.
I have not heard any stats on NFL ratings dropping after the UH
wardrobe malfunction

Hey that's a good point ro, I wasn't really thinking of it in actual fan numbers statistics overall, while I am certainly aware that NFL is the big daddy sport in America. I was just saying that some social conservatives of all types and all regions could have been turned off by the show, and alot of these people live in America, who might not be too quick to pick up another league if this is what they see," those rap guys."

Personally I wasn't as offended by the peas show as I tought I was going to be. I thought beforehand the show would cheapen the CFL in some way, but since I had seen some of their videos before, they were just dancing and doing what they have been doing the past 2 albums.

I spent the halftime here
I would not have had they been a performer more to my liking but it was not to be

Don't you worry....As an American who LOVES the CFL, we only have two options here.

1st) You are a (ahem) music fan who watched until halftime to see the Black Eyed Creeps.
2nd) You are a CFL fan ( as I am) who used halftime to restock the beer...the food...and relieve themselves, to get ready for the second half.

If I want to see a concert...I'll go to a concert. When I want to see a game.....Those musicians better darn well know how to kick a field goal. :wink:

LIke I mentioned before
Why do we even need a half time show?

there are many reasons why, ro


well, gets people who don't watch football to watch the GC. My mother being one and younger people in Canada being another.

gives the people in the stadium entertainment while the teams take a break.

to name a few reasons.

maybe but I dont think ther are all thay many people that watch only the show.
As far as I am concerned it just delays the second half

ah, it's good entertanment, and in most GC's a great showcase for Canadian singers like the AFL Final HT show is for most Aussie singers.