Half time show :(

Blue Rodeo? When was the last time there was a good performer at the Grey Cup? There are a few good Canadian performers but we'll probably all get stuck with the crappy ones. Where are the Arcade fire and Matt Good? Maybe some performers with a little talent that don't write every song exactly the same.

At least it's not Nickelback or the Tragically Hip.

What's wrong with The Hip? The last good halftime act that I remember was Lenny Kravitz. I just heard today that The Who will be doing the halftime show for the Super Bowl.

I can't stand the Tragically Hip. I like that Great Big Sea is doing the gala. A lot of the events are better than the half time show! I guess that's important though since people will care more about the game than the half time show.

The Who! That's awesome. I think we're just to worried about trying to have Canadian artists. It shouldn't matter.

I wanted Billy Talent to play half time.

At least we won't be witnessed to any Homoerotica :slight_smile:

The Hip 20 years ago was a great show. Saw them last year and they are a tired band. Great Big Sea is one of the top 10 live acts I've seen.

The Hip did two fantastic shows earlier this year at the Fillmore in San Francisco. They have a LOT of fans in this area. They may seem tired to the jaded, but there many people who have never seen them live, or have only seen them rarely.

I personally love their most recent album, but then I haven't actually been listening to them constantly for the last 25 years.

Should have been Stompin Tom!

Hope to see Trooper in Edmonton next year.

Maybe even an Ian & Sylvia reunion show.

who are these people that I read?

I know the Who, and Lenny Kratvitz..

but I have never heard of some of these other guys, Arcade fire????

Blue Rodeo to me sounds a little soft.

should have got Paul McCartney!

oh well, maybe Edmonton will find a way.

Saw Sir Paul outdoor here this summer and it was magic.

Arcade Fire is some crap band that isn't worth discussing. :lol:

The CFL always picks horrible acts for the Grey Cup half-time show.

Last year was the worst though, having the Grey Cup in Montreal and not getting Arcade Fire to perform at half-time.

who the hell is Arcadia Fire?

sounds like a 2 bit band

it is a 2 bit band, i personally love blue rodeo, a great canadian band, thank god it was not some crap band like billy talent or arcade fire...matt good would be well good LOl but nothing wrong with blue rodeo in my eyes anyways :thup:

Matthew Good sucks.

Matthew Good and Arcade Fire suck? I'm surprised anyone outside of Canada has heard of the Tragically Hip.

I saw the Hip a little over a year ago and thought they were terrible. I've seen a lot of live acts and the hip were one of the worst.

Blue Rodeo is going to be slow and boring at half time.

Arcade Fire have become popular in places other than Canada. They have success all over the world and pretty good success. Who is your next suggestion guys? Nickelback? Celine?

Canadian music is pathetic for the most part.

What about Sam Roberts Band?

Who is Sam Roberts and why does he have a band?

He has a band because he started one. :wink:


BTO would be cool. or RUSH. (as I sit here and doing my air drumming to Tom Sawyer) :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: