half-time show, the aftermath

wow...that was the worst half-time show ever!!!
good job whoever makes these decisions...

theory of a dead man...who cares?
it's in Montreal, the Grey cup this year, so you'd think they would get one of the hundred or two successful Canadian artist or musicians that are good and two would come from Montreal, at least.

honestly, i don't say this often , but last nights Grey Cup was a serious inferior product.
i think i cracked when i saw those trapeze children make the Pepsi logo, i shed a tear.

I knew it, people are complaining about the halftime show... :roll: :roll: I usually do not watch the shows as I know it will be a disappointment. They need to come up with something different that people will want to watch. Instead of a live act, why not have a half-time contest of some sort-- maybe select 2 people for a QB challenge of sorts.. winner gets season tickets to the team of their choice.. it will be far more entertaining than watching a band that few have heard of, or don't like.

Yeah, definite shades of "Hooray for Everything"....I also found the idea of having the cheerleaders (none of whom seemed overly cheery) in the front row and then to have a bunch of fans who weren't in teh "Theory of a Deadman" dempgraphic looked really stage and awkward, no one in the that crowd seemed into ToaDM

I wouldn't say it was bad, besides those two things i mentioned it seemed alright. It was no Lenny Kravitz though, but hey, some years are diamonds some are stones I guess.

I do actually like this idea...have some sort of big ol' contest either based solely on GC night or build a competition all year that leads up to it.

I was on field for that half time show and it was horrendous. The best part of half-time was easily the cheerleaders, the french singer was alright as well, but the cheerleaders, my lord!!

Why not have a cheerleading contest?

If you don't like the halftime show, then why watch it? My brother and I turned to the Giants/Cards game.

What have you got against cheerleading, Chief?

Unless you're proposing a Lingerie Bowl instead, in which case I'm right with ya.

I wasn't aware that there were cheerleaders in the halftime show. I knew it was Theory of a Deadman and couldn't change the channel fast enough. :lol:

Until they decide to hold a Grey Cup or Super Bowl or major Bowl game in Amsterdam, all halftime shows everywhere will always suck.

Why does the CFL insist on bringing in acts outside of the demographic of the vast majority of fans watching. I am willing to bet that until they announced the show, most of the people who attended the game had never even heard of Theory of a Dead Man and than 99% of them as well as the TV audience couldn't name a song of theirs today even if they watched the show.

This has been shown here before but it is worth seeing again, hands down the greatest Grey Cup half time show ever! This is where the bar should be set. And you didn't even have to be a Trooper fan, I was there and there were grannies and little kids screaming "Raise a little Hell" throughout the show.


Why can't the CFL seem to understand it is not bad for the crowd to enjoy the show! Stop trying to feed us crap and bring in an act the fans paying the freight can enjoy.

It's not too early to talk about next year. The best act by far to bring in for next years Grey Cup would be ,The Stampeders, (the band) although I wouldn't mind seeing the team as well. It's a natural and trust me, the place would be rocking!

I was at the Grey Cup and thought Theroy of a Deadman was ok, but their sound system was poor. Last year in Toronto with Lenny Kravitz for the half time show, he was great and so was the sound system he had.

And in regards to the sound system at this years Grey Cup. I thought almost eveything on the P.A. was too loud. I could not even here the person sitting next to me speak sometimes.

I would have thought with the Grey Cup being in Montreal they would have done something with a Montreal flaovour, such as Circus du Soleil. That would have been great.

I have only been to 5 Grey Cups and for the most part I think most fans do not really recall most of the half time shows unless it is really good or really poor. SO I will always remember watching Lenny Kravitz last year and this years Grey Cup as well as being very poor.

i cannot agree with you more. the cirque would of been pretty cool. they are amazing.

all this halftime bashing reminds me of when they had that loto 649 draw at halftime a few years ago. what the heck was that about?

I wanted to see Mitsou dressed in a little sexy number!


"bye bye mon cowboy" :cowboy: actually that would of worked well as an anti-stampeders song.

2002 Grey Cup in Edmonton; the same year Shania did halftime. It was a promotion they did to commemorate the lottery's 20th anniversary. Qualifiers from across the country won a trip to the GC that year with one person amongst the qualifiers walking off with $6.49 Million. Around the time of that promotion, if not soon after, they doubled the price of the lotto tickets. :roll:

I actually liked the half time show.

The PA system didn't sound very good but I thought TOAD did a very good job.

I think bringing them in to play was the correct call. The CFL want younger fans getting involved and TOAD is a very popular band among the youths of today.

Who cares if you have never heard of them before. Give things a try.

The Super Bowl now only gets nostalgic acts. The Stones, Tom Petty, etc. etc. Sure they are good but how many times can you hear Brown Sugar or I Won't Back Down.

The best Grey Cup halftime in recent memories was Sam Roberts and Brian Adams. You had the best of both worlds.

Everyone complains, BEP and Lenny Kravitz aren't Canadian. Well Boo Hoo!

Half time was great and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

And hey, Theory can't be that bad if Motley Crue has hired them as an opening act on their arena tour in 2009!

i guess you don't know the youths of today because they all laugh at toad. they are just a cheap mans version of nickleback which is still not saying anything.

they still suck. cheesy throwback poser rock.

actually i though lenny was pretty good and i don't care if he isn't canadian. personally it just shows how much of a better job toronto did over montreal.

how do i remark to this one? motley crue? that says it all. that is why theory of a dead man is terrible and unoriginal. they are touring with has beens the crue.

Obviously you know absolutely nothing about music. Motley Crue is the biggest band in the land right now if you didn't know that. TOAD is way better than Nickelback.

Your problem is that you are unwilling to try anything. TOAD was good but you classify them without ever knowing anything about them.


This is why people don't come on here anymore. You have an opinion and it gets shot down in 2 seconds when jerks like this don't agree with it.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but get your facts straight please. BTW, TOAD is a very popular band among the youths of today. Once they go out from behind NB, they have proven that they are a worthwhile band.

I agree with TD, just because something doesn't appeal to your taste, doesn't mean it's crap. Kinda like this site lately. :wink: