half time show not impressed.......

the CFL’s half time with lanny kraviztswas much better than NFL’s tom petty(BORING)

i must say the halftime show was probably the worst ive ever seen. tom petty is lousy, i cant imagine they expected something exiting out of that.

The only reason why Tom Petty got that spot was because FOX was broadcasting the game and he happens to be a cast member of one of the series on FOX. (he plays Lucky on “King of the Hill”)

I don't understand the NFL picking Petty? They should be trying to appeal to the valuable 18-34 yr. old market. This is why the CFL picks acts like the Black Eyed Peas, ect, which would not be a big draw for the oldtimers but will attract younger viewers. But Tom Petty? Man, what was the NFl thinking??

Here is a question for the ages.. what do you expect out of a halftime show?

I enjoyed the show. I'm glad he played four songs. :smiley:

Could have been much worse ... like hip/hop or something .

I'm part of that valuable youth demographic and i thought he did a fine half-time show. At least he played better than the NE offensive line.

I suspect that those who didnt like it are of a younger crowd.

That is the problem with halftime shows, The older folks want music and the younger one what........Well what ever it is that they call that stuff they listen too :wink:

You will never make everyone happy

i like tom petty....not enough to watch the superbowl tho.

im 25.

it was better than the stones and janet jackson, they need to get van halen or something next year.

A younger band or singer that has some energy and can make the half-time show something that gets you all fired up for the second half, not put you to sleep.

I hadn't heard a thing about Tom Petty in quite some time....not sure why he'd get the half-time gig. I'd think the NFL would want an act that is current with their tv demographic. Maybe Petty is, I dunno.
The stadium will sellout....so you want people to watch that otherwise wouldn't....I just can't see Tom Petty being that big of a draw.

Lenny K was great at the GC, would have been even better if he could have played another couple of sets. Way too short.

The word is that the NFL had a choice between Tool and Wayne Newton so they split the difference and went with Tom Petty. :smiley:

The half-time shows are very toned down from what they used to be, after the infamous "wardrobe malfunction" a few years back. Too many people are looking for a full blown concert, and that is impossible to do in the time each performer is alloted.Too many times the half-time has stolen the spotlight from the game itself, and in my opinion, that didn't happen this time around.

I thought he was great. Petty's wicked. Lenny was solid for us as well. I can't remember when both Ships had two prime halftime shows, or decent games for that matter.

All of the halftime shows sounded sub par, and poor sound quality. Tom Petty sounded like he had a cold or was losing his voice. Sure didn't sound like the CD's.

Forget the halftime hype, what a waste of thirty minutes. Here's what I would do.

(1) Reduce the cost of a Grey Cup / Super Bowl ticket by removing these crappy half time shows.

(2) Replace these shows with a marching band, juggling act, Trick dogs or what ever.

But the intermission back to 15 minutes, not 30 minutes. Im sure the players would appreciate not lingering around the dressing room for such a long, long time.

PEOPLE BUY THE TICKETS BECAUSE OF THE FOOTBALL! Not because of who is playing at half time.

Make the game AFFORDABLE for the average fan!

I would have personnally perferred tool im sure alot of the older people wouldnt :lol: but I really liked Tom Petty's performance im suprised so many people didnt like it

i didnt think he played particulalry bad, it just didnt have the energy and excitment you would have expected. personally i was hoping the odd tit would pop out before it was over.

Geez, I don't really want to see Tom Petty's tits...