Half time show lacks excitment

Hmm, pretty lame actually. Blue Rodeo is decent enough but the whole thing felt just thrown together, how about some fireworks, lights, something unexpected. Really sorta sucked.

Yep...lacked something in the show, but the sound was great.

I thought it was pretty good. The crowd seemed to love it anyway.

thats cuz it was blue rodeo...not exciting music. elevator music.

I mentioned in the game topic that they were putting me to sleep. Definitely no excitement.

What is up with our Canadian halftime shows? Do we purposfully look for the cheapest bar act in town??! I'm embarrased on behalf of all Canadians. Brutal. :thdn:

I thought it was solid, it was SIMPLE. Who cares about fireworks? how old are you. it was alot better than "Theory of a Deadman" or the "black eyed peas".

Maybe, but that's not saying much as both of those acts were bad, as well.

SOLID what? How old are you? They had to pry open a coffin to get the lead singer out. At least BEPeas have a female singer. Old guys singing love ballads doesn't exactly get you revved up for the 3rd quarter. I nearly upchucked my chicken wings. Brutal.

Fergie?? haha she looked so drugged up and sounded like a hag.

Who cares, I don't think in ten years, people will be talking about Blue Rodeo, they'll be talking about the 4th quarter domination and comeback by the Als.

Blue Rodeo was just OK, but they sure don't match up to Trooper.

Nobody does...but not in a good way. I can't stand those guys...too overplayed, too old, too boring...

Didn't Trooper play in Riderville last night?

Don't know, don't care, wasn't there...and even if I had been there, I wouldn't have stuck around just to hear them, that's for sure.

Since you missed them, here:


Thanks...I'll pass... 8)

Sorry, couldn't resist, still in my opinion the best half time show in CFL history if for no other reason than the crowd participation.

The halftime show wasn’t really important this year because the Rider fans , who took over the city of Calgary, made is a party all week long. Riderville was unbelievable. Rider fans rule. Hats off to the Als!

there was a half time show?????