Half time show and injured player

Just wanted to put up the following statement that came from the Riders about the incident at the game Saturday.

About 200 young girls from across the province were there for a special tryout for the young Trailblazers.

Here is the quote (sorry Riderville):

The situation that we faced on Saturday during the halftime show was a unique one and the Saskatchewan Roughriders would never intentionally disrespect their opponents or a player who could be seriously injured.

We were surprised the CFL officials started the clock while the player was still on the field and needed to make a quick decison. We delayed the start of the show and observed the situation very closely, he sat up and it looked as though they were about to take him off. We went ahead at this time because if we waited any longer we couldn't have fit it in. If it had been any other halftime show it would have been cancelled but we had close to 200 girls on the sideline anxious to go, with an entire section full of tickets sold to their friends and families and with all of our halftime shows booked, no chance to reschedule. We should have moved the girls onto half of the field, but it was difficult to rearrange what they had been taught last Saturday at practice. It is not our perrogative to extend halftime and that is solely made by the CFL and the broadcaster so we could not have continued once the ambulance cleared the field.

The SRFC takes player injuries very seriously, we don't run on field promotions, the Trailblazers take a knee out of respect and at most the only thing we will do is run some PA announcements. We have reviewed our policies for a situation like this in the future, we have sent the Toronto Argonauts an official apology, spoken with CFL officials and we are using this incident as a way to continue to get better in the future.

Shannon Chinn
Manager, Corporate Parnerships & Game Day Operations
Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club

Good of them. but here's my question. If the same situation happened but it was Joseph on the feild, woudl they have done the same thing? Not sure the fans would have taken that in stride.

just my 2 cents

From what I read, the Rider person acknowledged that had the half time program been different, it would have been cancelled, regardless of who the injured party was!

I was at the Rider game on saturday. The fans were all questioning the idea of having the halftime show. Everyone around me were all saying that it should not have happend. we all thought that it was a little disrespectful. Don't speak for the fans unless you were there.

Really this is no big deal! The rider organization recognized the problem and put out an apology regarding the matter. No need to drag this further. You can not hold the Rider organization nor it's fans at fault here! I have seen many times at various games where cheerleaders have gone on the field to entertain (mind not close to the injured player) but it has been done. I am sure they did this not thinking of being disrespectful. We really should let this die a very quick death!

migs its nice to know that you just called the CFL a bush league :roll: if anything is BUSH its that CFL zone.com you advertise :stuck_out_tongue:

Why is it embarrassing?

I just love how some people love to throw that word around!

I would say the league should be more embarrassed of how they handled the Ottawa situation and the way Tom Wright resigned. These incidents gave the league a huge black eye, much more so than a halftime snafu.

In live situations like that, bad decisions are inevitable from time to time.

The NFL, considered by many to be the best-run league, couldn't prevent Janet Jackson's incident during the Super Bowl halftime show.

No one can anticipate all these things. The Riders organization obviously regrets what happened, and offered a sincere apology. That's good enough for me.

Very nicely said RW05!

Just to stir the pot here is a quote from Warner.

Really, what do we all expect from fans that will dump raw manure on the lawn of their kicker after he misses in the playoffs? These are the same fans that cheer for criminals that spread HIV to unsuspecting women and beat up bouncers. Why wouldn't they cheer for cheerleaders dancing around a guy with a serious injury being hauled off in an ambulance? Hey, they had waited long enough! Who does this guy think he is lying on the field that long?!? Moving 20 yards in either direction would not be ideal! We'll just dance around his head!!!
This is not my opinion by the way but I do think it's funny. :lol:

I thought it was normal, other teams fans generally dance with glee when an Argo gets injured. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, but Warner is just a simple minded, short-sighted person. Can we really take anything he says with more than a grain of salt.

Go Riders!!

Like they said the player sat up and they had to make a decision. And this was probably a once in a lifetime chance for these kids.

and then you, asdf (by the way, quite the original nickname) follow your petty insult sentence with three of your own petty insults....

do you not see the irony in that??????

btw, I didn't see the hit, or the subsequent dance, so I cannot comment on that part, but I just thought I'd point out you were pretty much doing exactly what you called Dr. Rise out for.

Why are ALL Rider fans classless, redneck hicks because one poster responds in a certain fashion? Does that even make sense??

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Well monkey you do not get painted with that brush I am sure. There are lots of goo Rider fans and then there are some bozo's right! I can name a few but I will refrain they know who they are!

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Listen Warner/downtown
Who are you to talk about class when not one single post of yours did not insult someone.