Half Time for Grey Cup 2006

Who do you think would be the best half time show for 2006 Grey Cup.

Seeing that it is in winnieg - It should be the Guess Who, or some other Winnipeg local. When people think Winnipeg - They think "Guess Who" and Burton Cummings and Randy Bachman. Any other Ideas.

I don't think they should use the BEP's again, because, no matter how good they are, They are not Grey Cup Half time material. And what ever happenned to canadian Content?

.......please, no Guess Who........that is so........predictable......

...........why does it have to feature a rock band?.....why not do something different?......this formulaic 'half time' show is getting a bit boring IMO.......

I hope its something better than this year. Next year will be my first Grey Cup so I hope everything is at its best, including the half time show.

Something different Hmmm, how about Kanga Skating at Centre field wearing a Winnipeg Jet jersey...LOL


Turkeybend singing his top 10 list


A huddle forum flag football game Manitoba West Vs the East.

Hows that for different! :shock:

please speak english sportsman..i dont no what the hell u just said :? :?:

Guess Who already did the Grey Cup, back in 2000 ...

And what's so bad about having a rock band play at halftime? Anything else and you'd hear cries of "bush league" ...

I say the CFL should try and nab U2 :slight_smile:

RedandWhite, you want something different? How about some Ukrainian National Folkloric Dancing Ensemble?

Oh!... No... That's right... That's already been done in Regina...

Anyways, as far as I'm concerned, I will spend the half-time thinking "I hope the Als can protect this lead for another half!"...

T & T, we could always suggest to the CFL:

The all black college marching band (that are invited by the al's each years) , where the cheerleaders could play for the AL's O-Line....


wrestling match with "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan & Kurgan.

deja Vu all over again...:wink:

i say get Aerosmith

I would like to see Chris Walby in a wedding dress running around and trying to catch a bunch of greased pigs.

EskJebus.... your starting to scare me now! :shock:

I thought my Tongue planted in cheek was quite clear.

Dont worry, it was crystal. Anyways they should try and get the one and only STOMPIN' TOM CONORS! He could even write a new should for the CFL, lol. That would be sweet.

Oh the good ol’ football game, lol.

I just want the band (or individual) to be Canadian.

How about the guy we had in Ottawa singing Sweet Caroline!!!!!!!!
No seriously how about any band that is Canadian

You can't really do U2, just in case Bono tries to rant on the feds' lack of 3rd world spending (or whatever he's ragging on Paul Martin about). The big game should not have some sort of political statement aside from it being the best explitive brand of football out there.

As for my halftime wishes, I could see Neil Young, BUT if he's not well enough to perform, I could see an appearance by Great Big Sea (but in reality, they should be saved for the first GC after an Atlantic Canada team is officially announced)

Although U2 should do the half-time show next time the Grey Cup is in Montreal, because they saved our franchise.

Oooh, Neil Young. Good point! My vote is for him, now. Gordon Lightfoot would be apt, too.

How about Trooper for the first Atlantic Grey Cup? Good ol' Newfies ...

Guess who: fine



how abou a techno group? somebody Canadain, or maybe Ian Van Dahl?

"how about Kanga Skating at Centre field wearing a Winnipeg Jet jersey...LOL"

That works! I'm pretty go, but to make it more entertaning, maybe the players can throw snowballs at me to make me fall? as long as I got pads, I'll be fine. :lol:

SAVED??? how abou pulling it on the ropes! if attendance goes down in Molson by just a bit, the team is in serious trouble!