Half Time Entertainment

Just my personal take, very genrational.

Justin Beiber - Blah
Carly Rae Jepsom - Pretty good
Mariana's Trench - Who?
Gordon Lightfoot - Perfect Choice

Burton Cummings - Great
Johnnie Reid - Great

All in all, a pretty good field, may change once I fugure out who Mariana's Trench is.

Some CFL fans obviously won't like the selection of Bieber and Jepsen, but it is a HUGE get by the GC organizers. They are massive international stars, and by far the biggest Canadian performers in the world at the moment. This will get a lot of attention from people (in Cda and elsewhere) who ordinarily would not even be aware of the Grey Cup.

Smart move by CFL appealing to all generations (for the most part)

Obviously you cannot please everyone, but just by the sheer number of performers they tried!

Having said that, they did manage to get one of the largest acts in the world right now. How can you knock that?

Marianas Trench is pretty good

YouTube Celebrity Status to hear one of their more popular songs. At least, its my favourite of their songs


.....Justin Bieber for the key 8-12 year old girl demographic

WIth the exception of Bieber, I like the line up, BUT Having Bieber in the line up ... Well, even my 2 1/2 year old grandson knows who he is, so maybe he'll at least watch the half time show :frowning: good business decission by the CFL and good on Beiber for making himself available to support our Canadian game. :thup:

guys im sorry. Bieber???

How about Rush, Neil Young? Massive international stars.

Non Canadian acts are acceptable... the who, aerosmith cmon.

I ve just plunked down north of 400 bucks and have to watch the biebs at halftime?? Is anyone who actually paid to go to the game actually excited about this?? Sorry i respect the guy and am proud of what he has and is accomplishing but....

The CFL dropped the ball big time on this. I have been to several grey cups. I expected to be wowed at the 100th. This will be my last one.

Looking forward to the rest of the experience. see you there.

Rush? Neil Young? Are you 75???

The whole point of Bieber is to attract the younger crowd. Will you be supporting the CFL when you are 6’ under? I know I won’t be!

Aah it’s the annual “whine about the GC halftime act” thread. How I missed it!

There are in fact people under 30 who they’d like to get interested in the halftime show too, and Bieber is pretty huge right now. I’m impressed they got him at all.

Given the lineup there’s something pretty much everybody can enjoy, which is more then usually happens. If you’re really going to stop attending football games because you don’t like one of six acts performing at it, then that’s just pathetic.

The best performance at any Grey Cup half time is my wife's cooking!

If it wasn't for her, I might even still be skinny! :lol:

I guess Celine Dion wasn't available? :roll:

I believe biebers demographic is 4-14 year old girls. Ill lay money on it they are not watching the game. show a 20 something year old guy or girl that goes to JB concerts.
Regardless the betterment of the league will not be served by this being the main event.

im glad your looking forward to JB- rock on

when bieber is on, time for a crapper break.

You believe incorrectly. For one thing, the demographic goes well above 14. Secondly, there's quite a lot of moms at them too. So unless you think that having something that's primarly aimed at the "female" demographic is inherently bad as one of six acts...

Regardless the betterment of the league will not be served by this being the main event.
As opposed to getting some over the hill dinosaur band? Show me a "20 something year old guy or girl" that listens to Neil Young?
im glad your looking forward to JB- rock on
When did anyone say that?

are you or arent you looking forward too it?

sounds like you are by your support of this act being selected.
it genuinely makes me happy to know that people who have paid to be at the game will be enjoying it. Sincerely.

This is my personal opinion, bieber is not right for me. As a fan and someone who has dropped 400 bucks, i believe i have a right too voice it.

However, I must agree with one of the previous posts. I think the crappier will be a busy place during this portion of the evening. again this is just my take on it.

btw dinosaur acts really? some of the best song writers canada has ever produced.

I'm not. But there's five other acts, many of which look pretty good. I'm not in the demographic for this one. No biggie, quite a lot of people are and being able to score it as part of a lineup this big is great for the show.

It's not like he's the sole act and if you don't like it you get nothing. There's a LOT of talent on tap here.

That's what makes this thread so stupid year after year. It's exactly the same thing, like clockwork. No matter who they get there will be a thread of people saying how awful it is. This time around at least there's also something to like even if you hate part of it.

It's true, they have produced some of the best songs ever. In the 70's.

You want to voice an opinion, well here is mine - at least it's not The Tragically Hip. :rockin:

the guys from celtic thunder and julianna hough have produced the only good music I have heard come out of this century so far.

the good music produced in the 70's will forever be good music for any open minded person of any age.

Your opinion of 21st century music certainly establishes your own open-mindedness.