Half-Time Entertainment at the Super bowl

The NFL has just announced that the half-time entertainment at the Super Bowl the first Sunday in February 2006 at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan (Dome Stadium), will be the Rolling Stones.
The CFL, on the other hand had the Black Eyed Peas as their half time entertainment at the Grey Cup in Vancouver, BC this past Sunday, November 27, 2005.
Now let me think, who would I prefer to see as the half time entertainment at the league championship game, one of the greatest rock and roll bands in the history of music, or a new band that plays hip hop music, lip syncs, and has no discernable talent whatsoever. I think the NFL made that choice for me, and made a very wise and correct one at that.

Where did I hear that?
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Sorry RO1313, I guess I hadn't read that post. I didn't mean to steal any of your thunder, but since there is some bad mouthing of the NFL on this site at times, I thought I should give them some positive press when they do something good for everyone involved.

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I'm just being a smart***

The Stones, great group for sure but have seen so much of them, I think this is one half-time I will pass on for sure.

The Stones suck almost as bad as the BEPs. I am 53 years old and grew up listening to the Stones.. but they have really sucked the last 20 years, and I don't think it is such a good choice for the NFL. I have passed on free tickets to a Stones concert.

That's certainly your right Earl, but all I'm saying is who would you rather see perform, and I think we both know the answer to that question.

Man I hope Jagger doesnt have a wardrobe malfunction.

USA, yes, you are correct that I'd rather see the Stones but I'm 50 years old which might explain that. Good on the Vancouver organizing committee and the CFL to take a chance on a group that is doing the opening gala for the World Cup, an event which makes the Super Bowl or the GC look like some sort of house party. The BEP obviously have an awful lot going for them, worldwide audience appeal.
And I love The Lumpy Humpy song, fun stuff.

.........I don't know where and why it is written the halftime of the BIG GAME has to be this big song and dance number......I for one am growing tired of the glitzy fanfare, crappy sound and three-quick-songs-yer-outta-there formula.........why doesn't some whiz-kid at Fox come up with something new........like a guy being fired out of a cannon......or a wicked motorcycle jump.......something other than the music-schtick cookie-cutter halftime show we been force fed for years now.....how about chariot races or some American Gladiators revival?.......bring back that pneumatic tennis ball cannon thing and challenge someone to run up the field for a million buck while Laser tries to pick him/her off with the tennis cannon......look at the entertainment value reached with the Wendy's kick for a million......

Hey RedandWhite

I’ll bet you watch the SuperBowl just to see the new commercials.

What comercials? Wendies and Subway

What ever happened to marching bands?

Know what... I'd be just as happy at Grey Cup watching some High School marching band. I'd be there for the game or teams first. Half time really doesn't matter or determine whether I'd buy a ticket or not.

I agree and I am not sure which of the two is the worst, BEP or the Dead Stones. Which ever, any form of entertainment at the half of the Super Snore can serve to wake up everyone from watching a boring "World Championship".

I still say why do we even need a half tieme show.

Or a better half time show is the Turkeybend-Saskargo wedding. Now that I would buy tickets to.


GC got to get them next season or in 2007 in Toronto.

now that would be a match made in hell.