Half-Season Thoughts/Observations

Now that we’re well into the 2nd half of the CFL season a few thoughts:

  1. Bo-Levi Mitchell is done like dinner. Calgary made the correct decision to turn over the pigskin to Jake Maier.
  2. Dave Dickenson’s best days are behind him. However, don’t close the door on Old Dave Dick quite yet. Edmonton might need a coach after Chris Jones is offed at season’s end.
  3. Hard to verify but 2023 might also be the end of the road for Dave Dick’s older brother Craig - in Regina. Maybe the Dicks form a 1-2 coaching duo in Elk-Land next season???
  4. Andrew Harris’s best days are behind him but he’s still a very effective part-time player!
  5. Other than Buck Pierce - I see the next up ;n coming CFL coach as Argo’s Mickey Donovan, perfect name for a pro football coach.
  6. Grey Cup in Hamilton is about 90% certain to feature eastern reps Toronto Argos barring a meltdown or crippling injury to Big Chad.
  7. Winnipeg leading the league in attendance is both a compliment to Bomber CEO Wad Miller and his organization - or a stark commentary on CFL marketing
  8. Just checking in. Whats the status with Genius Sports and them losing the entire CFL statistical history?
  9. I thought TSN was grooming the energetic Paul “Plop” LaPolice to be their fresh-faced color commentator. Guess the plan didn’t work out.
  10. At nearly 70 would Jim Barker have the required energy and stamina to take over the sagging Edmonton football program.
  11. I’m tired of looking at $40 sandwiches concocted in Winnipeg on TV. What about you?
  12. Western Grey Cup rep is about 90% Winnipeg or BC but Calgary or Saskatchewan still want a say in the matter. Bigger question is where the west final is played.
  13. Winnipeg & Toronto & BC showing some attendance strength. However, obvious attendance problems in previous powerhouses Calgary & Edmonton. Whats up?


#1, Along with the BM movement to Hamiltoe, Riders made the correct decision re: Corndog Fatjardo.

#2 & 3, Dave & Craig or “Crave” both coaching for the double E, would now become the double D.

#4, Andrew Harris’s days were done before he departed Winnipeg, just took awhile to notice with AJ. Omelette taking most of the running plays, get cracking.

#5, Jeremiah Masoli (35) will miss the rest of 2023 and perhaps half of 2024 (Achilles tendon) may also be up for coach.

#6, 100% Toronto will be representing the east.

#7, Winning games in Winnipeg will bring in a very very dedicated group of temporary fans, not so much in Toronto.

#8, odds are 64.2% +/-3 %, Genius will not get better until 2024 maybe.

#9, Lapo is one of the most educated color/colour commentators in the CFL, he just may be too much of a common tater to be noticed.

#10, Jim Barker at 70 should stay where he’s at… remember what happened to Kindly Cal Murphy💔

#11, I’m confused, what $40 sandwich shop are you talking about? For $40 I can feed a family of 6 and have leftovers for work if I still worked.

#12, would be 90% Winnipeg and BC if it were a one division league.

#13, “obvious attendance problems in previous powerhouses Calgary & Edmonton. Whats up?”…you forgot Saskatchewan, they still have several hundred tickets available for the LDC, not to mention last year’s Grey Cup fiasco.

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