Half Season RB ratings

after 10 games (half way point) heres my RB evaluation on perfomances to date

  1. Roberts- CFL rushing leader and most consistant RB. Average reciever
  2. Keith - Plagued with injuries early on, has burst on to the scene and showed once again why he is the most explosive RB in the league. second in yards per carry.Average receiver.
  3. Warren - Power & speed ..dangerous reciever . Above Average receiver.
  4. Edwards - Scary to watch this guy. now the Als are running the ball and with Montreals great O. line might be difference in getting to East final. First in yards per carry.Unrated receiver.
  5. Reynolds - Burst outta the gate early, has been stumbling as of late , most notibly due to Burris throwing darts.. I dont see Calgary opening as many holes or using him as much. ( which in my opinion would be a mistake) Unrated receiver.
    Tied) Davis - VERY Slow start but starting to show why is the CFL's premier Power back. Ticats O line also looks very decent as of late. average receiver
    Tied) Ranek - Consistent RB...Dangerous on screens. above average receiver.
  6. Holmes - Was the CFL's rushing leader when keith was hurt...above averarge RB that will not be utlized as much as keith in that position,(hence the ranking) was an average reciever but has a bad case of the dropsies. hence.below average receiver.
    8 ) Avery - Has not regained his allstar form but at least he is gaining positive yards..bad case of fumble itis..average receiver.
    9) Jenkins - only played 1 game and was not effective...jury still out on him.. we know he has the talent , but can Edms O line open any holes?.average reciever.

Ok thats my take...proper Re-evaluation should be taken now at the END of the season, before playoffs.

would sort of agree. I would rate reynolds, Ranek and then Davis as 5 6 and 7.

Ranek being the biggest surprise of the year

Holmes is a below average receiver? lol

He's prob the best of all the RBs catching out of the backfield.

well I am judging all games to this point, he WAS a better receiver, but it seems for every 2-3 catches he makes he drops the next one,( and they are right in his hands) classic run before you catch the ball syndrom.

If he turns it around in the remaining games you bet I will move him up at the end of the year.

Good assessment

Dentor, you may want to do some research on contractions. It would make your posts more readable.

Also, remember the rule your teacher taught you in grade 4 (assuming you have a grade 4 education). I before E except after C. RECEIVER.

Finally, before you make critical comments about the grammar and spelling of others, take a look a little closer to home first.

Give it a rest EE!

Thank you EE!!!

Robert Edwards played only five games this season. He already has 581 yards (avg: 117 yards per game). And he has only 17 carries par game.

Can you imagine what he could have done over 18 games?

Could you imagine if we had a running back that got more than 100 yards a game.LOL

Can't have everything, saskargo. Avery should watch his back because Sean Millington already is catching upon him. I think Millington has... about 8 yards I'd say... Watch out Avery!