Half Empty or Half Full

Obviously these guys are not a team that can find a way to win a mistake filled game. But are they a mediocre team cause they can't beat the likes of Sask, Calgary and Montreal or are they a decent team cause they've won 5 out of 6 against teams like T.O. and Winnipeg. The next 2 games will give us a good indication as to how good these guys are. In my opinion 2 wins preey well locks up 2nd place. Does anybody in the league have a qb tandem like Montreal? I don't think so.

Our team is a good one.

We are not ready to play with the big boys however.

so before everyone starts jumping all over everything ... let's remember that they were only 4 days between games. That's a VERY quick turnaround and altho Marcel doesn't want to put it down to that I certainly think it was a factor. NO ONE was sharp on the Offense. Glen threw some high balls but there were plenty of catchable balls that weren't. The D played well ... MacPherson ran like a DEMON but we contained Cobourne for the most part.

Then ... recall the 2009 season ... we played a rematch against the hapless Argos and lost in double OT. Our offense was equally flat and fatigued that game ... and we were at 5-5 on the season after that loss.

IMHO there's NOTHING to worry about ... we've got a game against the Leos next week and I'm SURE that our Offense will come out spitting mad and will win that sucker!

Half Empty.

Right now this team is average in an eight team league. We can't compete with the top three teams and haven't dominated the others. We get outcoached, have no running game, can't count on our place kicker, special teams coverage is suspect. We do have a strong receiving corps, secondary is coming together, Glenn is steady not spectacular, linebackers have big play capability. Both lines are ok.

Our Offensive play calling is just that - offensive. It's predictable, vanilla, and doesn't play to the players' strengths. We don't need an NFL airlift but I do think we need a few key signings: Giguere, Foley, and a stereotypical straight ahead running back or punishing fullback.

Unless changes are made we'll fight and claw for a playoff spot, maybe get a home game again, and then go into Montreal and get smoked like yesterday.

I think we already have a (mini) Fridge in Garrett MacIntyre. I would love to see him used in 2nd and 1 situations all of the time. They did use him in the Labour Day game, but he didn't get an official carry as the blew team was off-side. He wouldn't be an every down player however, but he would be very useful in those short yardage situations. My opinion anyway.

Half Empty....

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He's our best rush end and we can't afford to lose him to injury. I'd rather see Sam Fournier given a chance.

Half empty. This is a typical Bob Young era team not very good at all. We are just lucky we are in a very weak east and Edmonton and BC are equally as bad. Coaching is poor at best Marcel was a very poor choice to be a HC. Talent was grossly over valued in camp with the likes of Cobb and a few others. Still aren't ready to compete though with good teams and don't see it as long as we have Marcel and Gibson coaching. Game after game they are out coached and lack any adjustments at half. They continue with status quo even if its working horribly. They haven't learned from any of their mistakes and continue to make the exact same ones.

Fournier or Brown or amybe both of them lined up behind the QB.

Another thought on the game is emotional fatuigue. They just came out of a relatively close hyped up game. There is emotional factor. Maybe too, they thought the Als without AC were going to be easy.

Take away the first 10 minutes and its a close game. Again though there was no or little adjustment made to the game plan at the half.

The 'bend don't break' defensive philosophy is making me nervous too. Had Lemon not thrown three picks in the Red Zone we'd have lost the LDC. Our D stays on the field too long protecting the big play but giving up all the small ones.

All things considered we are a relatively average team.


ockham: That pretty well sums up the state of this team. Same as last year. No change…other than some improvement on the O line and linebacking. We have some good players but without some creative play calling Bruce, Stala and Thigpen will never be as effective as they should be.
I also think you nailed it when you said the offence does not play to the players strengths.
For the life of me I cannot figure out why they think their game plans will work when they are so predictable and limited.

Ockham, I could sit at the keyboard for hours and not come up with a better or more accurate description than yours. Of all your observations, IMHO, the biggest issue is covered by your third word, third sentence.

Man that is sooooooooo true

Ok now that the fans have thoughtfully understand the issues that need to be addressed. Do you think the higharcy will make an honest effort to fix the systemic problems? In short, will Obie hall Marcel in the office and flay out tell him to fix the running game, and become more creative and stretch the opposing teams defence? Will Marcel in turn, sit down with Gibson and say, stop with the high school crap and let's start burning other teams defence with creative - field stretching calls that will work to the players strengths.

BC is on a bit of an emotional high, and Wally has weaved his majic with his coaching staff and found suitable player replacements. I truely hope Gibson and Marcel get their *&^% together for Saturday. A true sign of a team that means business is when they go to the opposing teams park and lay a smack on the defence. Is Obie going to do what I hope he will? Is Marcel going to challenge Gibson to bring out the best of his playbook? Or does Mitchell go to Obie and say fix this predictable high school BS. Stay tuned folks for yet another version of the stomach turns at IWS.

Doubt it.


And, hopefully not. Other than to maybe point out how hard it is from the business/marketing point of view to get slapped with a team performance like Saturday's, particularly on a fan meet & greet promotion day, he should have nothing to do with football operations.

From Drew Edwards in today's Spec:

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            also:   <!-- m -->[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports/ticats/article/255446--ticats-show-true-playoff-colours]http://www.thespec.com/sports/ticats/ar ... ff-colours[/url]<!-- m -->

They’ll never win. They don’t have the heart. Perennial doormats to the Als and nobody cares even when presented with a chance for 1st place against that team, who hobble into your house with a second string QB and smack you around like that? And the coach. The coach, he’s another piece of work. Never ever blaming his assistants. It’s always the execution. The short week had nothing to do with it. Hage even said he wishes he could play again tomorrow after the LD game. It’s never going to happen with this attitude. I think after all this time, I deserve better from this team coach.