Hal Patterson

I cannot remember the source of this information but I believe Hal Patterson is still living in Rozell Kansas. Regretfully the information I received indicated that Hal Patterson is suffering from Alzheimers Disease which would indicate that he is fast losing his memory. As noted, I cannot remember where this info came from but I would hope this information might be incorrect.
Hal Patterson is my favorite all star Alouette player. He had blazing speed and was outstanding in his receiver role. In addition, I remember when the Als used Patterson on the end around play and he was almost unstoppable as a rusher.His average gain from the end around play was quite high. In addition Hal played outstanding ball as a defensive back. At that time in Montreal Patterson was known as Prince Hal. He was a quite fellow and had he remained in Montreal he could have had the keys to the city.

He was a class act all around, for sure.

The top three passing/receiving tandems in Alouette history. 1) Etchevarry to Patterson, 2) Calvillo to Calhoon, 3) Wade to Evenhan

Well I won’t argue that Cahoon is AC’s go-to guy, but I’m not sold on the other examples.

Not to knock Patterson, who as I said was a class act, but he can’t be considered to have been Etcheverry’s top receiver, given that Red O’Quinn holds the team record for career receptions (499) and he played from 1952 to 1959, so he was the Rifle’s principal target; Patterson isn’t even close to 499 receptions.

As for Sonny Wade (my personal favourite alltime Alouette), he tended to distribute the ball a little more than most and had more of a revolving door at the receiver spots (remember Bob Gaddis? Joe Petty?), but I think rather than Evanshen I’d say that Peter Dalla Riva was his favourite target; Dalla Riva is third overall with career receptions at 450, and his time in Montreal, 1968-1981, encompasses all of Wade’s career.

My memory must be playing tricks. You're right about Dalla Riva. And yes, I concede that the Etchevarry-to-O'Quinn combo was more productive.
How about giving me this one, MadJack?
"Etchevarry to Patterson: One of the most electrifying tandems in Als history."

If we restrict it to QB-Receiver tandems then you'll get no argument from me. But if we looked at a backfield tandem it'd be hard to beat Dixon and Clark.

You got me again, MadJack. You really know your history.
How about this one?
"George Dixon, best Alouette running back of all time."

I wouldn't be disposed to argue........ although he'd get a run for his money from Moses Denson, Johnny Rodgers, Mike Pringle, and my personal obscure favourite from the past, J.W. Lockett.

And speaking of obscure…

Can any Als’ fans remember this guy? In 1969 we made a big splash signing a hot-shot running back from the Oklahoma Sooners. He was supposed to be a tremendous running back, all kinds of great predictions were being made for him. First game of the 1969 season, his first carry netted a yard or two; on his second carry he blew his knee out and has never been heard of since (at least I’ve never heard of him since, I am reasonably confident his family and friends have!).


Does anyone remember…

Danny Houston?

I remember this fellow-this is a guess but he had great numbers in college and his name was Larry Grigg. Around this time the Als signed Joey Wells for the then unheard sum of $10 000. per year. I believe Wells was great but went to the NFL NEw Youk Giants,

Hassell, getting back to the topic you introduced
regarding Hal Patterson's health,

My understanding is that his problem is arthritis.

Some days he can get around fairly well,
other days his movement is so restricted
that he can't get around much at all.

He has not been in attendance at
some events honouring past players

because he never knows if he'll be
mobile enough to travel, hassell.

I was happy to read the above post. As noted I was unsure where the info re: Health came from but it did come across my desk- this is very good news!