Hal Patterson Passes Away

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Those of us lucky enough (and old enough!) to have seen Hal Patterson in action will mourne the loss of a truly great Alouette, and to the regret of Montrealers, a great Tiger-Cat.

He was part of my introduction to Canadian football - he could do it all - great hands, speed, leaping ability, played defensive back, and returned kickoffs.

Best wishes to the Patterson family. I remember Hal briefly from 1965-67 in games, great player.

RIP Prince Hal. You did yourself and the CFL proud.

This is so sad. Hal Patterson was a tremendous part of my youth. Etcheverry to Patterson to me are true mythical Gods of the gridiron. I can still see them perform on a ceisp cool Saturday afternoon at McGill Stadium.

Rest in peace, my dear Friend. You were one for the ages !!

To CFL fans ( of my age ) Hal Patterson was the greatest football player of all time. He was called " Prince Hall "and, with Sam Etcheverry at QB, the Als pass attack was ferocious. I believe Patterson's record of 338 yards in a single game still stands today as does his record 109 yards for a single pass. He was also successful at defense half- playing a full 60 minutes, as did the better players in that age. When the Als introduced the end around play, Patterson was almost unstoppable as he had both the speed and power to run through opposing defenders.The book " Legend of Autumn" has on its cover a picture of Patterson leaping high to intercept a pass.

When the owner of the team, at that time traded Etcheverry and Patterson to Hamilton for Bernie and Don Paquette , Alouette fans went berserk in two languages. Coach Perry Moss ," who was in favour of the move, was hung in effigy on many a lamppost along Rue Ste- Catherine". The team received more than one bomb threat and fans sent a hangman's noose to the Montreal Gazette with a note that read " would you be kind enough to give it to Coach Moss". The team lost the Grey Cup that year to Edmonton and, the Als ceased to be a powerful team. The Als never recovered until 1970 when Sonny Wade brought the Grey Cup to Momtreal

Hal Patterson, R.I.P.

The Hamilton QB was Bernie Faloney.

Remember it all very well. . .

RIP Mr. Patterson. I was too young to see you play, but you are an Als legend, and will be missed.

.....Very sad to see the passing of the former greats of this league...he was in a class by himself :frowning: ....Condolences to the Patterson family

After the infamous trade to Hamilton, Prince Hal lived around the corner from me. . . west mountain in Hamilton.

Met up with him again in Montreal at the Grey Cup in 2008.

He truly was one of the greats, and aside entirely from being an excellent football player, he was one decent, classy humnan being.

nothing to add. :thup:

The National Post has some good CFL info today. Patterson is noted in the obits and, there are interesting articles in the sports section on Toronto's aspirations for an NFL team. In addition there is an article on the Hamilton coaching situation in addition to comments on Toronto's coaching changes.Jyles' salary is reported to be $75 000 up front and,$250 000 per season.Not bad for a QB who had 11 interceptions as a part time QB last season. Finally WPegs offensive coordinator Jamie Barresi was fired.