Hair pulling legal way to make a tackle


Fair warning to CFL players: Long, flowing hair might look great and by the latest rage but it’s fair game on the football field.

Tom Higgins, the CFL’s director of officiating, said Monday long hair is deemed a part of a player’s equipment and can be used in the making of a tackle. The issue came to light Sunday when Montreal kick-returner Trent Gay was twice pulled down by his long dreadlocks in the Alouettes’ 31-10 nationally televised home win over the Toronto Argonauts.

“It’s part of the uniform,? Higgins said. “It’s like tackling a guy by the arm.

“It’s a part of him so you’re allowed to use it to make a tackle.?

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He is serious? The league is worried about horse collar tackles and not snapping a guy's head back by pulling back on his hair? Unbelievable. The CFL is going down the tubes. That is for sure.

well, hair pulling is also legal in the NFL as well, without much fanfare.

[b]The NFL also considers hair that falls past a player’s helmet as part of the uniform and therefore can be used to make a tackle.[/b]

The question is not whether or not tackling by the hair should be legal or not. . . the question is why do players wear their hair so darn long in the first place ? Aren't they risking injury by so doing ?

If you don't want to be pulled down by the hair, cut your hair.

I have no problem with players with long hair. However, if there is a rule against hair tackling, then it would be in every ball carrier's best interest to grow a very long mane. You'd be stupid not to. Cover your entire back with flowing locks and no defender would touch you for risk of a penalty.

You grow it? Great, but do it at your own risk. The rule is perfect.

D-Lineman Jed Roberts; played 13 seasons with Edmonton from 1990 - 2002 had his hair long and braided to honor his Indian heritage. Roberts had his hair tucked in back.

makes perfect sense.
If a player wishes to sport long hair, it would seem more than wise to tuck the hair in the helmet or the back.

Not that defensive players get tackled a lot. Unless they've just recovered a fumble or intercepted a pass, that would be holding.

But on the offensive side of the ball, it doesn't make sense to me for a player who carries the ball a lot (and yes, I'm talking to you, Chevon Walker) to have long hair, providing an extra handle for the defence to grab onto.

Yup, the league is DONE! Gotta protect the long-hair-wearers. Minor goof-ups like Winnipeg stadium delays and money-losing teams pale in comparison to the "hair" issue. Let's recall the rules committee NOW!


In my family only the women wear their hair like that, also it`s only the women that wear ear rings and ponytails, I make exception for Pirates, Indians and Gypsies

Very good explanation for why the rule is as it is. A player can do nothing about his uniform, so a dangerous tackle made using easily grabbed parts of that uniform (e.g. facemasking, horsecollar) are out of his control. Having long hair, or at least having it exposed, is the player's choice, so avoiding injury from a hair tackle is completely in his control. And there is no way the league would allow players to gain an advantage by having long hair, just as they don't allow tear-away or slippery jerseys.

....I'm from the crew-cut era so i can't overly-comment on this one BUT....geez isn't it more wise to be more comfortable under that lid than to be all heated-up and also giving the opposition something else to drag you down with....Seems common sense to me BUT where fashion of the day has a big influence, i can understand why these young guys wear the dreads...To some I guess it means more to keep the hair...Man, whatever happened to the day when players had more having the hairstyle of a Ronnie Lancaster..Now that was a smart player :wink:

A simple solution for the hair pulling, Brylcreem. For those old enough to remember;

Brylcreem, a big old gob will do ya
Brylcreem, you'll look so debonair
Brylcreem, the D-backs will pursue ya
But they just can't seem to hold on to your hair

I've always assumed they were pot smoking Rastifarians who can't cut their hair for religious reasons :slight_smile:

You nailed it :cowboy:

Odd. . . does that mean that their god, whatever they call him, worries about the length of their hair and will get mad if they cut it ? Doesn't he have better things to do with his time ?

Make your jersey tight so you can't get tackled or pulled easy but let your hair tangle. Idiot players I say. But whatever works for them, I'm not in their shoes so if the image is more important than what goes on during the game, whatever.