Hail to the leaders ! - Teams

I just posted the leaders in each categories for individuals. Now lets take a look at how teams have done. Here is under each team's name the list of categories it dominated in 2005:

BC Lions

  • Less interceptions thrown
  • Less fumbles

Calgary Sampeders

  • Most field goals
  • Average gain per pass
  • Most QB sacks

Edmonton Eskimos

  • Most singles
  • Most time of possession
  • Most pass attempts
  • Most passes completed
  • Less fumbles lost
  • Less 1st downs allowed
  • Lest rushing 1st downs allowed
  • Less passing 1st downs allowed
  • Less yards allowed
  • Less rushing yards allowed
  • Fewest times rushed against
  • Less yards allowed per rushing attempt
  • Less passes completed against
  • Less % of completion against
  • FG allowed
  • Less rushing TDs allowed

Saskatchewan Roughriders

  • Most rushing yards
  • Most rushing attempts
  • Most punt return yards
  • Less penalized team (in # of penalties)
  • Fewest QB sacks allowed
  • Fewest plays from scrimmage from opponents

Winnipeg Blue Bombers

  • Best punting average
  • Less penalized team (in yards)

Hamilton Tiger-Cats

  • Most kickoff return yards
  • Less pass attempts against

Toronto Argonauts

  • Most TDs passing
  • Less yards per pass allowed
  • Less passing yards allowed
  • Less points per game allowed
  • Less TD passes allowed
  • Less TDs allowed
  • Less points allowed

Ottawa Renegades

  • Best average gain per rush
  • Most punts (is that a good thing?)

Montreal Alouettes

  • Most points scored
  • Most TDs scored
  • Most rushing TDs
  • Most plays from scrimmage
  • Most 1st downs
  • Most rushing 1st downs
  • Most receiving 1st downs
  • Most yards
  • Most passing/receiving yards
  • Best % pass completion
  • Most interceptions (takeaways)

Great job 3nd, Let’s hope that Ryan stays with the Bombers so they can get best Punt average next season.

Ottawa with most punts, that a good thing if they get singles from them most of the time, otherwise, that’s pretty bad.

singles are not usually a good thing. you are much better off to pin teams on the 5 yard line