Hail Mary tv show

Has anyone seen the hail mary tv show on citytv. It features the Edmonton Eskimos. The first episode was on there tryout camps in the U.S.

Where and when is it on ??

Saw it on the weekend. I think it was on saturday on citytv. The quality of the show is really good. It's too bad each episode is only 30 minutes. It's a cool concept. Surprisingly, it airs on a channel owned by Rogers.

hmmm, thought this was about doug flutie

Sportsnet still reports on the CFL and its owned by Rogers. Why is this so surprising?

Thanks op for letting us know about this show. Looking forward to checking it out.

I enjoyed the first episode alot very well done here's the link Episode 1 - http://video.citytv.com/video/detail...ts-cincinnati/

Don't forget that Rogers gives the Argos "free rent" at the Rogers Centre, that's a huge bonus for the Argos and the CFL.
The CFL gets to play the Grey Cup at the Roges Centre for next to nothing too.

Let's hope that Sportsnet gets the new CFL TV contract. Sportsnet is on "Basic" cable and in HD

"Free Rent"? Haha. Where are you getting this information? It's the highest rent in the league with no rights to parking and concessions. Unlike, gasp, every other team in the league!

I hate to break it to you as well "Sportsnet" is only available on "Basic" cable in the Greater Toronto Area. Where, guess which company owns a monopoly the cable services? No wonder why Blue Jays ratings are so high. When you have to pay an extra $300 a year for TSN and CFL.
TSN is apart of 'basic' cable with Cogeco cable, outside the Toronto area, just an FYI.

But continue to believe the Rogers deception parade. This is infact a company that with creative accounting funds it's sports team by you buying cell phone contracts.

Where is YOUR link to the Argos paying the highest rent?
Here is the link to the Argos signing their lease and their continued "free rent" at the Rogers Centre. The Rogers centre gets a kick back on cencessions, parking etc

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/sports/story/2005/04/22/argosstadium050422.html]http://www.cbc.ca/sports/story/2005/04/ ... 50422.html[/url]

As for cable, we are up north in the Collingwood area for the summer and we get Sportsnet and TSN on basic cable, we get HD on Sportsnet only. We live in Ottawa until 2 years ago and had Rogers which Sportsnet and Rogers on basic cable.

Your link is wayyyy out of date. But good job bringing up a link from 7+ years ago, that is no longer relevant.
That rent deal expired at the end of the 2009 season.

I know more details about that both rent agreements. It wasn't "Free" rent that was advertised. It was very cheap. With no concessions. The Current agreement is more rent, as far as I've been told no concessions.