captain Burris does it again

He hasnt been to bad actually, 2 Bad throws 1 for an interception and the other a dropped interception.

the dropped interception would have been a TD to

LOLOLOL, I guess the stumps have really solved their red zone woes. 109 yard interception return for a TD by Hamilton. Way to go Burris!!! You da man!!!


Burris: 20/33 399 yards 1 TD/Ran for a TD/1 FMB despite the horrid interception.

Those are some pretty good numbers, but not as good as Ricky Ray's this year. :smiley:

Good numbers but still a poorly played game by both Quarterbacks, which proves the theory that a player can't be judged based on their statistics alone.

You have to take into account individual stats, wins, and a # of other factors when comparing qbs.

ACTUALLY , it was your field goal kicker who saved this game for CALGARY.

.....interesting title to this thread.....guess the last ha ha is on you RNrrrrr.....ahem, FACT: stamps lead the western division....

Ricky's a great QB.. the bomb in fact.. he's the greatest 8 and 9 yard passer in the whole CFL except for Dave Dickenson.

This game tonight had to be one of the wildest games ive seen in awhile. It was truly a comedy of errors, turnovers, a missed field goal costing Hamilton the W, a referee getting knocked over, Hamilton's coach throwing the flag on an unchallengeable call. The only thing the game didnt have was a streaker on the field!

It was pretty nuts.. I loved the big pass to Copeland where the ref got knocked flying and lost his flag so half the players kind of stopped playing and then Cope fumbles only to have Rambo recover anyway.. it reminded me of the good old days of the CFL when teams tried trick plays on every other down.

I guess you missed the 37 yard bomb, TWO 35 yard TD bombs, and the 30 yard bomb that Ray burned the stumps D for last week, eh, crygary? You don't throw for 785 yards in 2 games, as Ray did against crygary, with 8 yard passes. Thanks for coming out, though.

....you're welcome!.....

Yeah you do, you must not have watched yourself... four passes do not 785 yards make young one. Do the math with me now:
37 + 35 + 35 + 30 = 137. What? Where's the other 648 yards? Oh yeah.. almost 70 completions so far.. so that means his average pass (less those bombs you mentioned) is around 9 yards.. what a surprise!

........whatever guys, its all circular arguments and none of you will ever get the other to see your point.....

Yeah, but it's a lot of fun in the meantime. :slight_smile:

I thought the offence played much better last night. Few drops, turnovers but a high yardage game. Nice to see the QB starting to click with his receivers.

I think you will find all teams will have good defenses at the start of the year and the offenses take time to gel. The Lions seem to be doing well with Dickenson though he seems to be in mid season form with his receivers.