HAHA 100yd TD Pass... poor Esks.

I guess the problem for you pathetic winterpeg blue bummer fans is that you are never going to impress fans of The Mighty Edmonton Eskimos with regular season stats. It just really doesn't mean anything. Come back and talk to us when you win your FIRST Grey Cup since 1990. That may grab our attention. In The City of Champions, success is measured by championships. Something you'd know nothing about. Until you do win a game that matters, little boy, just run along and go play with your dolls.

Don't be surprised that if the Esks go 2-5 or 2-6 that Campbell will swiftly and without hesitation Fire Danny Mac!

Anything is possible in the CFL, so nothing surprises me. Don't be surprised if the Eskimos win their 14th Grey Cup before the riders win their 3rd Grey Cup.

Guess you need to check your statements before posting, which you so happily tell others to do. There’s 15 WEEKS left, but after 5 weeks, only 13 GAMES left.

Other than the Alouettes, each of the remaining 7 teams have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. That is why the teams need to play 60 minutes. Anything less than that can result in another tick in the loss column.

When will our teams learn that important fact.....play 60 minutes and nothing less!

wow this warner guy is pretty cocky considering his eskiblows are sinking slowly into the tigercats home. The cats occupy the last place spot regularly and would be glad to have some eskiblows down there for some company :slight_smile: Bottom of east and west could be conqured by 2 sucky teams!!