HAHA 100yd TD Pass... poor Esks.

WOW... its all wrapped up, (fluke btw) and then out of no where.. 100 YARD TD PASS!! to MILT STEGALL!!


I love it more, cause it happened to the ESKS!

:lol: :P :thup: :o

The look on Maciocia's face was the best part!

Go Bombers!!!

Warner and RNR kick some blue butt out of the Eskies back yard! :lol:

hmm I think it was a case of which team wanted to lose the game more than the other, 'cause both gave their darndest.

This is usually a type of loss we Rider fans have to suffer, so we know how it feels. having said all that though, I have to admit I woke up my wife laughing loudly...

It was hilarious. My brother and Father were both really upset at the Esks, because they got lucky (like always) in these kind of typical situations.. Then just waiting for the game to end.. BAM! Stegall.. TD! they're all like "WHAT????!!!!" and he's like wow. "the gods must have fallen asleep there!"


its true, it was like GOD was playing a part in this game, demanding the Esks to win the game, and then he falls asleep thinking its over!

or the other way around...God woke up in the last second to win the game for the Bombers....

I wonder how that crow tastes...

My buddies wanted to leave with 2 mins. left, and i said "wait till it's over". Sure enough the esks get the TD. Most of the people left think its over, including myself and leave. Walking out of the stadium I hear a lowed "ohhhh" from the crowd, followed by some boos.

The esks didn't play, or deserve the win anyways IMO. But it really sucks that we basically had the game locked up with 10 seconds left. Oh well, shit happens...

You've forgotten what crow tastes like? Hmmm... I find that surprising. Considering it was only last November that the "first place" Lions were one win away from playing in the Grey Cup, in their own building. The Eskimos come in, and OWN your lionesses, and force them to clean out their locker room, so that the Eskies can win their 13th Grey Cup, and celebrate with champagne in the lionesses locker room.

That, my friend, was a large serving of crow. Losing a regular season game doesn't even compare, since you obviously live to play another day.

Yea but how many times… have the Eskimos been on the Winning end of something as lucky and fluky as that? Almost EVERYTIME!.

it was nice to see for once in my life the Eskimos being on the short end of the stick! I do not feel sorry for them at all!

I have done that a few times myself... walking away from taylor field all warm and fuzzy inside only to hear "AAWWWW....!!!" from the stadium.

guess that's why you don't leave a CFL stadium until the final whistle.

who was the deep back for Edmonton and how did he miss the tackle and knock his own guy down? did Stegall put a banana peel on the field right at that spot? wonder if he will lose his job like Antonio Warren did for missing the block on Jackie Mitchell last weekend...

I didn’t see the play as I had already left the game, but unless it was durden(again!), he’ll keep his job.

Who's asking you to feel sorry for them? The sky isn't exactly falling. 0-5 after 5 games would be a deep hole to dig out of, but with 13 games left, would be quite doable. 2-3 keeps the Eskimos right in the thick of the playoff race, and they will make the playoffs. The Eskimos proved once again last year, that it doesn't matter what position you finish in, as long as you make the playoffs. I don't remember game 5 of the 2005 season, do you? What I do remember, is the Grey Cup game, and the Eskimos winning it again.

why is it that every simgle time the esks lose..someone is always there to bring up the past to say the esks are the greatest..considering all their good players (aside from ray and tucker) are gone..or suck now

nope..it wasnt durden

the bombers had the ball on their own 10 (obviously--100 yard td) and both plays the bombers did they did the same play throwing it to milt, and the esks blitzed

well the second play..crave was covering stegall off the line..stegall completley burned him, went down the seem, whcih was basically cover 0..and he caught the ball between craver and frank..frank tackled air..(as u can see in my pick) and then tackled craver, and stegall had brazzell as his escort to the endzone..and the rest is history

just watch the video highlights on the cfl.ca main page..its up there already (ive watched it like 50 times..itll never get old

ooo and speeking of u leaving the stadium b4 the play..i wanted to turn the tv off cuz i was disgusted at the eskie td...i was in front of the tv about to turn it off..when HAIL MILT!!!i was jumping up and down..couldnt tell u how happy i felt..it was unbeleivable...i wouldve kicked myself had i turned it off and woke up to the headlines "MIRACLE PASS" and "HAILY MARY, HAILY MILT"

I would point out the ignorance of your question, but I doubt you would get it. I don't think there has been a single Eskimo fan "bringing up the past to prove the Esks are the greatest" after this loss. And even if we did, what the he.ll does that have to do with eating crow? Do you have the slightest clue what you are talking about? But, since you insist on bringing up the past, the winterpeg blue bummers haven't won the big game since 1990. 16 years. Congrats on winning week 6 of the regular season. I'm glad to see it is the highlight of your year. If the Eskimos hadn't won the Grey Cup for 16 years in an 8 team league, a regular season victory would likely be the highlight of my year, as well.

im saying that after every game that u guys lose..u always bring up the grey cup from other years to show how good of a team u should be..but u ARENT..but there wont be and grey cup talk from u next year..ur not even gunna make the playoffs

WOW, your post is so idiotic, I don't know where to begin. Just be ready to eat a big, steaming pile of crow... again... when the Eskimos make the playoffs for a 35th CONSECUTIVE year, this year. Morons like you have been talking trash 5 games into the season for about 33 straight years now, about how the Eskimos are going to miss the playoffs. And it never happens.

I guess that's the difference between fans of great teams, and fans of terrible teams. Fans of the Eskimos talk about REALITY. Things that have ACTUALLY happened. Such as being the CURRENT defending Grey Cup Champions. Fans of the bummers, that haven't won a Grey Cup in 16 years, in an 8 team league, don't want to talk about REALITY. You want to talk about rediculous predictions of the future. Whatever helps you sleep at night, little buddy. 1990. WOW. That was a long time ago.

I will once again point out the stupidity of your remark that after every single loss, Eskimo fans talk about Grey Cups. Not true. However, you must admit, it certainly is a nice thing to have piles of Grey Cups, not to mention last years Grey Cup, to talk about as fans. I mean, I'm sure you still get a woody talking about the last Grey Cup the bummers won in 1990... but for me, that would get old after awhile. To each his own, I guess.

The Esks are 2-3 and already, Hugh Campbell is talking about hiring Greg Marshall, Former Ti-Cats head Coach… People are asking for Danny Mac’s Head on a platter!

And after this weekend and you’re 2-4, they’ll be calling for the head of Mac even more!

Esks are in trouble, no matter how much you guys try and deny it! Now if only the Riders can finally start winning, the Esks will be in trouble!

Fortunately, no team in the CFL is in fear of the lowly riders winning only their 3rd Grey Cup, and first Grey Cup since the 1980's. You want to talk about a team in trouble, how about starting there. After Trevis Smith was charged last year with aggravated assault for having unprotected sex with unsusupecting victims, while he has HIV, now this year, you have Kenton Keith charged with assault, after seriously injuring a bouncer at a Regina bar. Nice group of criminals you got there in regina. Not like that's gonna cause a cancer in the dressing room, eh? If I were you, I'd be more concerned with how your team is gonna win their first Grey Cups since the 80's, than whether or not The Mighty Edmonton Eskimos can with their 14th Grey Cup this year.

As for Campbell and Marshall, you are truly an idiot, if that's what you got from the article. I read the same thing. The quotes from Campbell were taken BEFORE the last game, and shortly after Marshall was fired. What Campbell said was that he thinks highly of Marshall, and thinks that he will get another shot in the CFL. He also said that IF the Eskimos had an opening, he would consider hiring him, but he is quite happy with the coaching staff he has, and isn't planning on looking at any changes until next year at the earliest. Seriously, my dear little friend. If the only way you can make a point is to take quotes out of context, you got some work to do in the debating department.

why would anyone live in the past:

2006 season:

Bombers 2 - 0 against the EE

Points scored Bombers 71 - the EE 32

Offense Bombers 1017 yds - the EE 726 yds

now STFU....