Year after year, we seem to hear about how great Marwan is.....yet....his snaps are consistently terrible....today, we had to abandon the shotgun.....the "normal" formation in today's CFL....because our "star" centre can't get the ball back to the QB....he hasn't been able to in the past, and hasn't improved this year....when the play starts that poorly, it's hard to recover...

He was complete garbage tonite. The guy can block well but can't snap worth a lick. They need to move this guy to another position.

Maybe it is the charity work that makes people think differently, but he is definitely overrated. Less time working on his nightclub in Lebanon and more time in the offseason practicing his snaps.


George Hudson was a CFL All-Star Centre.

Clearly Hage is out of his element in the "shotgun" formation. Porter was jumping for balls, bending down to get them, moving left/right. Each time he has to take his eyes off of his receivers and has to re-locate them. Hage HAS to be able to get the ball right in Porters numbers every time.

He can't.

Time to correct this. And before anyone jumps on me...it was not ONE game. This is Hage's Achilles and has been since he got here.

He was a Guard in Collage Cedric was a Center in Collage figure that out

I couldn't agree more with the situation with Hage. Matt Dunigan also commented at half time on how difficult a position Porter was being put in because of the poor snaps he was constantly being fed.
Porter is learning and does not need the distraction of poor snaps to have to deal with.

I don't think Hage has to be benched, but he should definately shuffled along the line so that someone else can snap the ball. He has had problems snapping the ball since he has played centre for us, and this is a correctable problem that he doesn't seem to want to correct.

I am not an expert when it comes to the Tiger-Cat locker room, but Hage is more then likely one of the team leaders, so moving Hage to another position might be a bit more of a bold move for the coaches then changing a position for one of the other players on the team, but it has just become a no-brainer that something has to be done.



Hage should be sitting. his time has came and went about two years ago.

Funny, Coach Sal said tonight on the CHML radio broadcast
that Marwan Hage is one of the best Centres in the league.

Then again, what would he know?

Regarding his snaps. he sometimes goes games on end without making one bad snap.

Marwan is like the little girl named Gloria in the children's nursery rhyme.

When he is good he is very, very good..and when he is bad he is horrid.

"That Little Girl"

There was a little girl
And she had a little curl,
Right in the middle of her forehead,
When she was good,
She was very, very good,
And when she was bad she was horrid.

She went up-stairs,
And he parents unawares,
Was a-looking out of the window;
She stood on her head,
In her little trundle-bed,
And nobody near to hinder.

Her mother heard the noise,
And she thought it was the boys,
A playing in the empty attic;
But she ran up-stairs,
And caught her unawares,
And spanked her most emphatic.

Thanks for the scouting report, Ron! One question: can Gloria shotgun snap? LMAO

I think Marwan was afraid of Belli

Yes, he does. Did Marwan have a bad night?? Yes he did. Am I ready to write him off? No. I think he’ll be fine.

I bet there is not a team in the league that wouldn’t jump to take Marwana in a heart beat. :wink: and BauMan

Are you suggesting Marcel change his discipline style? Or that Hage’s mother be brought in to assist in this area?

Looks like Obie got bushwacked in his quest to improve the team. Free agent signings by the Argos: Centre Dominic Picard and import tackle Murphy vs. Hage's play and import tackle Dan Goodspeed as part of the Ticats "swiss cheese offensive line", were clearly outplayed by the Argos!

Inexcusable for a veteran center to misfire so frequently on a simple shotgun snap.

Chalk this one up to the loveable one, Adriano Belli
and his marvelous way of getting under your skin.

I've been a big supporter of Hage from the beginning. I remember Vinny giving a solid scouting report on Marwan when he was drafted and signed. But his play last night, especially in the first quarter, reflects one of two things...1) Lack of preparation or 2) Lack of concentration. For a vet like Marwan tossing snotgun snaps over the head of a 6' 5" QB, repeatedly...while lets say this set the tone for the entire first quarter.

In addition, the Argos had a devestating pass rush right through the interior of our line. It's been years since Belli has had that kind of game pressuirng and sacking a QB. Maybe it is coaching...our schemes and blocking assignments...maybe it was poor performance by Marwan, Cedric and Peter...anyway you cut it the Lions will be feasting on this same group next game....

To give some perspective to the scouting report Vinny may have made around the time Hage was signed, while Marwan Hage did play some center at Colorado State, his forte was playing left guard. That is the position at which he received honourable mention All Big-12 recognition in the NCAA. Interestingly, he has never played left guard for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

On the other side of the coin, Hage was named a CFL East Division all star at centre in 2007 so the sports writers and head coaches must have thought he did enough good things to deserve that honour. This does not excuse the mistakes he made last night but it does indicate that he is capable of playing centre in the CFL (as is George Hudson).

I thought Hage played average to good last year at centre. Most of the offence and defensive line were pushed bullied and ridiculed by the blue team. Marcel and rest of the braintrust need to grow some thick skin and a set of nards if they think they are going to even have a change at the playoffs.

Nothing worse than having a visiting team and their fans ridcule the home team.

I made a thread about this last year when he snapped them over the QB.
We need to find this guy a new position or try a new guy.