Hage To Retire a Tiger-Cat.

Even with his final act, he's giving the Ti-Cats an edge as Ottawa is left without a veteran center now, and has played his entire career in Hamilton. Thank you #62, Mr. Young, honor his man.

The day before the draft he and Dyakowski were quoted in the Spec as not knowing what their fate was. The idea Hage was told he was safe is complete and utter crap.

I am happy for Marwan,
He loves this community, it is what is best for his family.
Retiring as a TiCat really shows his devotion to our and his team.
He was never a REDBLACK, he was always a TICAT!
He has investments in a couple of Tim Horton's franchises in T.O.
He will be just fine.

I'm happy for Marwan that he is doing what is best for him and his family.

It would not have bothered me at all if he had played with Ottawa this year. It doesn't bother me at all that there are players on the Wall of Honour who played most of their outstanding careers in Hamilton, but who finished up elsewhere... people like Ellison Kelly, Ben Zambiasi, Rob Hitchcock (also on the all-time Tiger-Cat team) and Tommy-Joe Coffey. Even though those guys played in Toronto or elsewhere after Hamilton, they are permanent and prominent parts of Tiger-Cat lore. They are important parts of my memories as a long-time fan.

It's really unusual in this day and age for a player to go through an entire, long, and successful career with one team. If Marwan had decided to play football again this season, I'd have been happy for him, though of course I would be rooting against the RBs whenever they played the Ticats. I wish him every success in his future career in business and as a father.

And I certainly don't blame Marcel D for drafting him. He was a quality player, one made available to draft. If he had been exposed to the draft and was not chosen, I suspect there'd have been people on here criticizing MD for that too.

All the best to Marwan Hage. He has been a truly great player and contributor to the community.

I am not critical of Desjardins on this one. He took a chance that didn't work out. He probably will choose Lavertu in the draft. Rookie centres can work out, as Brett Jones did.

Kudos to Marwan Hage on his 10 year career and community work in Hamilton. He probably could've played a few more years but 10 years is a long time to butt heads out there on the field. I wonder if he would've still played another couple of seasons if he could've stayed a TiCat. I have to wonder if there wasn't an attempt behind the scenes to swing a deal to bring him back but the Redblacks price was too high and it doesn't seem like Desjardins is the negotiable sort. At any rate, here's hoping he continues in some capacity with the TiCats organization beyond the occasional honorary pregame or half time ceremonies, if not now then at some point down the road.

"I love this city and I love this team, the history of it, the character of it," he said. "The people of Hamilton have been wonderful to me. I'll always be a Ticat."

REDBLACKS O-Line just got a whole bunch worse!!!
Losing a veteran center of an O-Line that has just been thrown together 4 weeks before TC is devastating,
Marwan would have been the QB of the O-Line,
Audibles all blocking assignments for the different defenses and blitzes coming at the snap of the ball.

Hank better strap those pads on tight, because there will be some heat coming.

Is there any video of his press conference? Please post if you find one. There's an audio one on CHML. For me, what would be cool is if Marwan sat out the year, rested his body and past injuries, and came out of retirement to play for us for another 2 years. He's 32 and there's lineman not as good as he is that played to 35 +. Plus he's a real team leader off the field too. Just my thoughts on the subject. :smiley:

I would love to see Marwan with a Ticat Grey Cup ring. I'm sure if the opportunity presented itself and he could contribute to the team...he would take that opportunity. :wink:

All the best to him and his young family. :thup:

10 solid years man , great guy on and off the field all the best in the future a class act :thup: take care and happy retirement from pro sports you will be successful off the field :thup:

Hope this works:

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?list=UUKMxicRxqZwciJF29Tt4k8g&v=HkYJ7ggeSTw&feature=player_embedded]http://www.youtube.com/watch?list=UUKMx ... r_embedded[/url] [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?list=UUKMxicRxqZwciJF29Tt4k8g&feature=player_embedded&v=kEDcXiYnOa4]http://www.youtube.com/watch?list=UUKMx ... EDcXiYnOa4[/url]

Mike is really old and technology is not his friend. :oops:

Worked fine Mike :thup: Thanks for the link :smiley: Nice to see Marwan retire as a Cat I guess once you have Black n Gold running through your veins there's no room for Red n Black....Once a Cat always a Cat as the saying goes.Hage can now join a very elite club of players who spent 10 or more years playing in Hamilton,such greats as Mosca,Henley,Barrow,Zuger,Krouse,Osbaldiston,Winfeild,Zambiasi,DiPietro,Covington,Grant,Fleming,Knight,Sanderson,Riley, Frazer,Neumann and probably a few more that I missed off the top of my head....Thanks Marwan for 10 years of service and welcome to a very exclusive club,well deserved and happy retirement :thup: :rockin: :slight_smile:.....feel free to mention anyone I might of missed for the 10 year Cat club,I'm sure that I must of overlooked a few more players belonging on the list. :slight_smile:

Hitchcock, Waszczuk ...

Ooops!!!!! Thanks ExPat :slight_smile: How could I forget #42 Hitch :oops: and as for Mr. "Gone Fishing" Waszczuk(75-84)who had a stellar 10 yr career at center and unfortunately retired 2 years too soon and missed out on a Grey Cup ring,it's interesting to note that in the past 38 yrs going back to '75' that while the Cats have seen a lot of players come and go in that time,that outside of the 2002 season the team has basically only seen 4 players at the center position in close to 4 decades of football,it's unbelievable when you think about it and really a remarkable string at that position considering all the roster shuffling that goes on from one year to the next in the CFL.

Henry Waszczuk........1975-1984......10 years
Dale Sanderson.........1985-1997......13 years
Carl Coulter...1998-2001..2003-2004...6 years(drafted and played 2002 season with the Ottawa Renegades)
Marwan Hage............2004-2013......10 years(drafted by the Ottawa REDBLACKS)

Austin did the right thing by not protecting him. The team had other more valuable assets to protect.
Desjardins made a mistake in drafting Hage. Big gamble that did not pay off. He wasted a pick.
Marwan retiring was likely the right thing to do, I'm not sure how much more his body was able to take.

Players being told or not told if they were or were not protected is not relevant. The only mistake or gamble if you were was made by Desjardins. The cats got lucky when they drafted Marwan. The cats lost a player that was likely to retire or not play at all this year anyway. That was the best scenario for the cats.

I respect Marwan's years of service on and off the field. He's a good man and I wish him all the best.

And going back a little further, don’t forget …

Chet Miksza … I don’t have specific years (in the 50’s and 60’), but he played Centre for 14 or 15 years!

Wow!!!! Yet another Cat for the 10 yr club and another center as well,Chet Miksza played 15 seasons for the Cats(52-65,68).He won 4 Cups in that period(53,57,63,65)and played in 9 Cup games total in his Ti-Cat career.The team certainly has a track record of longtivety when it comes to the Center position.After Miksa the Cats had Doug Mitchell at center from 67-74 for an 8 yr stretch,so in reality for the last 62 seasons dating back to "52" the Cats with the exception of 1966 and 2002 have only employed 6 players basically at the position.I can't even begin to fathom how many QB's in 62 yrs that these 6 men have snapped the ball to,my guess would be at least close to a 100 different QB's give or take a few. :cowboy:

Here's the updated list of our Centers in the last 62 seasons dating back to 1952. :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:
A thumbs up !!!! For each and everyone of them :smiley:

Chet Miksa...............52-65,68.....15 seasons
Doug Mitchell............67-74.........8 seasons
Henry Waszczuk.........75-84........10 seasons
Dale Sanderson..........85-97.........13 seasons
Carl Coulter...........98-01,03-04.....6 seasons
Marwan Hage............04-13.........10 seasons

Don't forget Gene Ceppetelli. He played centre from 1963-67. Three Grey Cup wins in five years. I think he was the best centre we ever had, bar none.

And for other notable 10+ year veterans, Bill Danychuk (65-75) comes to mind, as does Vince Scott (50-62), and Cam Fraser (51-61, + 69). All of them were multi year All Stars, and all have multiple Grey Cup wins as Ticats.

Thanks "stevehvh" :thup: Duly noted :slight_smile: Adding Ceppetelli's name to the list of centers just makes it even more impressive.I recall actually meeting Vince Scott many years ago at a friends wedding and couldn't believe how small he was,but he was built like a little pitbull and his nose was bent like a pretzel,I couldn't believe that a guy that small could've played football for 10+ yrs,they don't make them any tougher than Scott was,that's for sure,he was one of a kind.Danychuk had a solid 11 yr run as a Cat and was one of the anchors of the O-line on 3 Grey Cup winning teams in 65,67 and the memorable 72 squad.I think I listed Fraser on my original post of 10 yr Cats,if my count is correct the number of members in the 10 yr club is around 20 players give or take a few. :smiley: Another player that comes to mind that was here for 10 yrs but was never a star was reserve LB and special team ace Ed Gataveckas who played from "81-90" playing in 4 Cup games and winning it in "86" in a 10 yr career as a Cat.I think that's everbody there is in the 10 yr Cat club,pretty impressive list when you look at it,to say the least :thup: :smiley: