Hage To Retire a Tiger-Cat.

As per TSN.

Hearing of Hage going to Ottawa was heart breaking for me. Watching him in a REDBLACK uniform would have been painful. :cry:


The expansion Ottawa Redblacks are going to have to look for another veteran centre to anchor their offensive line.

According to a CFL source requesting anonymity, Marwan Hage has decided to retire after 10 seasons in the CFL. The veteran offensive lineman will make it official Monday at a news conference at a Hamilton hotel.

Hage's decision to hang up his cleats isn't overly surprising.

The expansion Ottawa Redblacks selected the 32-year-old native of Lebanon who grew up in Montreal last December after he was left unprotected by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Ottawa GM Marcel Desjardins, who formerly held that post in Hamilton, was looking for Hage to anchor his young offensive wall when it began its inaugural CFL campaign this summer.

Hage played his entire 10-year CFL career with the Ticats and was firmly established in Hamilton. The prevailing sentiment after the draft was the veteran centre was seriously considering retirement rather than report to Ottawa.

That's because Hage became a father for the first time this off-season and also has a lot of business interests outside of football.

A multiple all-star, Hage experienced a career first last year as Hamilton won the East Division and advanced to the Grey Cup game against the Saskatchewan Roughriders. However, there was no fairytale ending for Hage and the Ticats as the Riders emerged victorious 45-23 before a partisan Saskatchewan gathering at Mosaic Stadium.

But the six-foot-two, 291-pound Hage enjoyed many productive seasons in Hamilton and in 2012 was named to the club's all-time team.

Hamilton selected Hage in the second round, No. 14 overall, in the 2004 CFL draft out of the University of Colorado. He attended Jacksonville Jaguars training camp in '04 before joining the Ticats.

Hage was an East Division all-star twice ('07, '10) and a CFL all-star once ('10). He captured the 2009 Tom Pate Memorial Award for outstanding community service before being named the East's top offensive lineman in 2010.

Four times he was named a CFL Players' Association all-star by his peers (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010) and was also active on the union's executive.

But Hage was a fan favourite in Hamilton for both his outstanding community service and outgoing, friendly personality off the field. His program, Hage's Heroes, purchased tickets for youngsters to attend Ticats games as well as providing food for families in need. He also did humanitarian work in El Salvador.

On the field, Hage was also a stand-up performer, making him very much sought after by the media.

Nice move, Marcel.

LMAO ! Blame Marcel that's rich. Tillstin left him unprotected but blame the team that drafted him. :lol:

hmm nice to see he will always be a cat but how about coming outta retirement and signing with the cats for 1 more year????

It was a bonehead move to tell him he was protected then leave him out there to be picked.

Marwan retiring a cat is for the fans and the city.

He is a classy guy and I wish him only the best in the years ahead.

Its a move that could come back and bite Austin in the rear. O'Neil is 36 years old.

No player was told if they were protected or not

Who knows maybe the Cats eventually trade to get Marwan back and he returns in time for the season?

Or 34 ... but whatever ... not like you've let facts ever get in the way of trying to make a point!

Actually O'Neill is 34 and won't turn 35 until Oct.17th when the season is almost over.The Cats also have 3rd year man Mike Filer who can play center and is only 24 yrs old,so I think that Austin has the situation well covered.

Austin left an aging, physically questionable player with a veteran salary unprotected . Que'll bonehead.

Yes, actually there were.

If players were told Hage was not one of them. To accuse Austin of promising a player he was protected and then let go is a lie.
Like other veterans it was clear Hage was not in Austin's plan for the future. Like JJ and Stala he would have been released or traded before the start of 2014.

He was told to not be concerned with the draft.

But this is not the point of this thread.

Link , please.

Austin made the right decision. I'm a big Hage fan but age and injuries have caught up to him. Maybe he could've played another year or two, maybe not but it looks like going to an expansion team at this point in his career wasn't an attractive option.

I'm glad he's retiring as a Cat.

An Argo-Cat fan

From the Spectator's Drew Edwards 04/14/14


I don't know what Marwan was (or wasn't) told, but he said himself if he were the GM he wouldn't protect a player in his situation. I still hate that he was left unprotected and taken, but I am thrilled he decided to retire. It is obviously the best move for himself and his family and I am so happy for him. It also prevents me from seeing him play against us so everybody wins. Anyone who doesn't think this was a bonehead move by DJD is naive. He clearly didn't do his homework and he wasted a pick on a player that was unlikely to uproot himself and play there from the start. Those are the kind of moves that left him unemployed in HAM. Ahhh Karma...