Hage is still my Hero

Marwan your a class act and will always will be in our hearts as black and gold, thx for 10 years in the trenches and especially All you have done for our community , all the best take care buddy :thup: :cowboy:

I read it on line that Marwan had been chozen and said "What??? No way...he is supposed to raise the Cup as a Ticat".

Maybe we will get lucky and he will be traded back after the draft is done. :wink:

He is a truly amazing person who actually has a great understanding of what life should really be like. His departure leaves a huge hole in our community and I am very very very very unhappy right now.

I wish Marwan all the best. He truly deserves every bit of happiness life can offer.

Some coaches/GMs can be pretty ruthless and don't care much for fans sentimentality. Having said that though I believe Austin has more of an eye for the future. He would be more inclined to protect youthful up and comers like Plesius rather than aging veterans like Hage or Stala.

Still it's hard to see Marwan go. :frowning:

If not traded back thanks Marwan for all you've done for our team. Good luck in all future endeavors.

I understand the decision, and from a football perspective I agree with it. Doesn't mean I like it though.

I heard Ottawa GM MD say he would rather have an extra 2nd round draft pick than the 2nd round of Canadians...I do that in a heart beat to get MH back

Stala must have 9 lives as a cat?!

Hage had a great career here on and off the field. If he plays out remainder in OTT love to see HAM sign him to a one day contract so he can retire a TC.

The long view is it opens up space for younger and cheaper players and HAM is fortuante theri up and coming D linem,an weren't looted instead - which would have been worse than losing Hage in the long run, imo.

Delahunt- great player- HAM knows what to draft for now.

Walker- Still usefull but was never going to get quality reps.

Like I said last year, Walker has blazing speed and can catch passes out of the backfield, but one slap on the ankles and he goes down quicker than Linda Lovelace. Too bad we couldn't use him as a kick/punt returner.

We have the blazing speed of Onrea Jones for returns.

Great player, team leader and community leader in the great Tiger-Cat tradition. Worthy of every accolade you'll be getting in the not too distant future.


Bring him back as "O" Line coach! :thup:

Hamilton Tiger-Cats ?@Ticats 1h
Coach Austin: “Marwan’s efforts on and off of the field with this organization are well documented..
“He has been a great player and an outstanding ambassador of our team throughout his time with the Tiger-Cats…?
“He’ll be missed in Hamilton but we wish him, as well as Chevon and John, all the best in Ottawa.?

Noooooooo! Not Marwan! Of all the players to leave unprotected, you leave your 31 year old all-star veteran centre open? I mean I get why Walker and Delahunt weren't, but I'm really surprised they left Marwan unprotected, espcially in the 3rd round.

Hamilton just lost one of it's brighest stars. I'll still wear your jersey proudly Marwan, I wish you all the best and hope you can find a way back to Hamilton for us to get you that Grey Cup ring.

I'll be honest, I for one am a huge fan of Marwan, and I sincerely hope he doesn't retire. I mean, he's a professional, he's likely still making good money as a veteran centre, it sucks that he's not going to likely win a Grey Cup as a result of this barring a trade, but I for one hopes he has a long career playing the game he loves, even if it is for the opposistion.

Hey, at least he's not going to the Argos right?

Dont think it was Austin being ruthless (and maybe you didnt mean that) but even Marwan said that he wouldn`t protect him! They do need to look to the future and Austin knows that. I think Ticats took a gamble, and lost. Ottawa too is taking a bit of a gamble on Hage but for sure he will have a comfort level working with Glenn and vice versa should he decide to don the Redblack colours.

Feel badly for a player who has sweated it out with the team through the good times and bad and just missed getting a ring this season! :frowning:

Yes it could have been the age versus talent scenario.
That said and from afar, it did not appear that his talent has eroded, if any.

All the very best of gratitude to Marwan, foremost for his generosity and betterment to the Hamilton community, and also as a great football player.

:cowboy: :rockin: :thup: :thup:

...for bleeding black & gold. Tough day.