Hage is back


Great signing!! Now let's get his pal, Peter , signed as well. No pickled peppers were harmed during this reply. :lol:

Pat Lynch(the old alliteration guy)

At the end of the press release it states that Porter has been released. Not a surprise to me since a new regime has come in and Porter has been here for while. It will be interesting to see who's brought in and how well they develop over the next few years under Austin's and Condell's direction.

P.S. Great to see Hage is coming back.

Great news. Marwan is an asset both on and off the field. Agree with Pat, let's get Peter signed and get to work on the other FAs we need to sign coughBoSmithcough

Hopefully, someone in the medical profession has pronounced Marwan has being
physically fit enough to play.
Assuming this is the case, welcome back Marwan!

get to work on the other FAs we need to sign
Hopefully among those will be one of our unsung heroes Yanick Carter.


I'm really glad Marwan is back. I hope we sign some other key soon-to-be-FAs soon.

Great news to end the day with.

Great signing. The guy anchors the O-line, is a total team guy and is excellent in the community. Can't ask for much more than that.

An Argo-Cat fan

The question is did he pass a full physical and Test upon his contract extension? hope he is not damaged goods? he has lost a step and age is creeping up HAge is good but he is no Carl Coulter either !

Sorry did you just say that a Centre "lost a step"? He's an o-lineman. They don't have a "step" to begin with lol. He's only 31 and I'm sure that Austin wouldn't have signed him if he didn't pass a physical.