Had to pay for Parking at Mac..

Went to 1st Practice at Mac. after 4 PM
Got a Ride in With Friend who live in Hamilton
They Charged us 5.00 Per car..
I thought Parking was free for Season ticket holders.

That is a good question????? whats the scoop$

how did the first day go Tom?

It was okay nothing big to report.
Going back Tomorow ..
If anything breaks I let ya know..

#80 Ponder looked good breaking away on ticats tv.

Parking at McMaster is run by a 3rd party (Not Mac or Ticats). We have asked the parking attendants to allow Ticats fans free parking but it is solely their decision. Hopefully, they will make allowances but the decision is in their hands.

If we receive confirmation it will be posted.

Ah man I see another argument thread coming with this statement…

“doesnt mind playing for half of what the rest of the league pays top recievers.”

Good luck BEET…lol

On a serious note I will be going tomorrow(Thursday) for the 4:30pm - 6:00pm practice, is there anything I should be prepared for other than $5 parking? like also paying to get into the stadium?


Except that you be facing
into the late afternoon sun.

Judge accordingly.

ya it is nice Stadium
But where the seating has been placed is the pits. There no Leg Room at All.
no room to pass by others ether.

I was debating going down this morning, but will probably wait until tomorrow. Glad to hear that Ponder is doing well.

If you do not want to pay for parking, try Sterling St. or any of the other side streets going into and around the University. There is usually 3 hour parking available and it is only a 5 minute walk in. Be careful about the time limit though, the Hamilton By-law officers are ruthless around there (I guess they like taking starving students money). Also if you try the other side of Main St. on Broadway, Whitney, Emerson, there is usually parking. It is a longer walk (10 min) but saves you money.

He made some nice catches..
Will see how he dose today
One of the DB that looked good was #3 Geoff Tisdale out of Pittsburgh State.

But then Again it was only the 1st Practice.
So Will have to see.

Great. Keep us posted, Tom

Parking on Sterling is only



$5.00 to park on McMaster property for a day of professional football training?..........it's the bargain of the century in my opinion !.........and hey, if even a percentage goes into McMaster's world class medical facilities and research, it's worth every penny.......

.........no scandal here..........sorry :cowboy:

.....next gripe......... :roll:

It Been fixed..
If your a Season Ticat holder.Parking is now Free. Show you address Info from Season Tickets Package and parking if free.