Had to do it / Response to The Bombers

They emailed me (?) this invitation, so ........... I responded: "Sunday, November 8, 2009 -- A Boatfull of Great Memories"


"My Blue Bomber Memory"

Celebrating Blue Bomber Memories at Winnipeg/Canad Inns Stadium!

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are excited to announce a new initiative to help highlight and reflect on many great years of Blue Bomber football at Winnipeg and Canad Inns Stadium. Over the course of over fifty seasons, many great memories have been taken from the home of the Blue and Gold, and now this is your chance as Blue Bomber fans to help everyone remember those great times.

"My Blue Bomber Memory" is an initiative where fans will be invited to email in their favourite photo or written memory (100 word max). These memories will be posted on a designated page on www.bluebombers.com. Fans can begin sending in their favourite memories today, March 18, 2011 to mymemory@bluebombers.com.

Please note that by submitting your photo or text memory you're agreeing to allow the Winnipeg Football Club to use it in any promotional or marketing material.

how bout 1992 eastern final when there loser fans started throwin ice balls at our ticats

I voted for the ti-cat celebration in the boat as well, pretty tuff to top that one, if your a cat fan that is.. They must have a sense of humour, they haven't band me from their site yet..


well said ive seen alotta celebrations but ur sooo right that was by far the best it was good clean fun and i had a laugh just as much as they enjoyed therselves doin it man im gonna miss otis and his ways

The boat celebration was pure gold, especially the second time when they showed Mike Kelly on the sidelines and you could read his lips as he said "Ah not the (expletive) boat!"