Had to be done but still a cowardly act, FIRE GEORGE BLACK

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Guess it was inevitable but it still stinks. The CFL officiating is the model of inconsistency, the cowards pick now to try to be consistent.

Ever classy this was Sean Flemming's response to the fans,

"I appreciate your comments but am in total agreement with the league on this one. They had to levy the fine to be consistent with previous fines handed out this year, regardless of the circumstances last week. Not doing so would set a bad precedent."

Sean you have been ******* twice by the CFL in less than a week, hats off to you, even if most fans disagree.

If it had to be done, how is it cowardly?
Why fire George Black? He did not levee the fine.

What is cowardly is that nothing is being done to make Proulx accountable, Black is responsible for officiating, officiating is attrocious, Black should go. He says the call was technically right but shouldn't have been called, balderdash, as pointed out several times, anyone who knows football also knows that holding could be called on every play. Proulx pulled a Kerry Frazer and he should be accountable.

Black can't have it both ways, it can't be technically right but be wrong. Not taking a stance is what is cowardy.

FIre him, linch on the nearest goal post. I think changes will be in order, but we can't fire everyone. (coaches,administators, etc.)

If it had to be done then it is not cowardly. You say that it cant be technically right but wrong....That applies here. It is never cowardly for doing what had to be done.

I'll try to type slowly.

The fine had to be, just like Sean Flemming said(although I have read Seans comments and don't feel they were terrible inflammitory, Maurers and Loftus comments however were).

The cowardly act was George Black not taking a stand. I would be fine if he stood by Proulx and said that the ref got it right(wouldn't have agreed but would accept the ruling), but he didn't. He is trying to draw in a breath and blow at the same time, can't be done unless your an aboriginal didgeridoo player( your right I can't spell).

Wow! You guys are really traumatized!

That is redicilous
You are saying that Black should have agreed with the call(which he did) and chastise Proulx for making it??????
What kind of message is that to be sent to the fans.....You made the right call but you are being punished for making it!

Black didn't have to say anything. He just did to show empathy and respect to the Edmonton fans and now they want his head, Proux's. typical lynch mob. Four more days then they will go dark till May !

Yup. Backless.

He should stand behind his ref as a point of leadership and professionalism, no matter how many Esks fans he's liable to irritate in the process. I was surprised to read otherwise.

Technically correct(based on Proulx view, as he was the only one to see it) but shouldn't have been called, yep he sure did agree with it. Black took a wishy washy stand so as to protect Proulx. We will see how far Black stands by his man when they announce refs for the post season.

So when should it be called...
What should be called?
Should it be like hockey where they don't call penalties in the 3rd period?
This was prob Bonds last season in MLB, should the umpires not have called any 3rd strikes against him?
Had Flemming's FG been wide, should they have awarded the 3 points for sentemintal reasons?

If it is a penality.....you call it!
I also wonder if it was SSK that was kicking the field goal and they let the holding call go, would you still have the same opinion?

Personally I still say that Proulx is one of the best and I hope to see him in the Grey Cup.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, regardless of how delusional.

From what I understand,that is kinda what he did, if he states that the call is oorrect but that the Ref should have used judgement and put the flag away. I realize thats not the same as issuing a fine, a suspension, or a demotion back to the CIS level. But still, what you don't want, a wrong message, is being sent to the officials and the fans. The officials now have to wonder whether they can be safe to throw a flag on a big game-changing play (bad 'judgement' call?) And both the 'call it' fans and the 'not serious enough to call it' fans are going to continue to be ticked off when the official does or doesn't use their judgement the way this group or that wants it used.

Although, it'd help the Fleming cause out if cfleskfan would spell the guy's name right!

I can assure you Proulx will be dealt with...BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. What is it about "NOT IN PUBLIC" you dont understand? Dont tell me Im against a somewhat transparent system of reprimand for CFL officials either! I, for one, would love to watch the spankings.

Yes, man, that means whatever they are doing about his messes, YOU WONT KNOW!!! Sheesh, thick skulled and peeved right off eh? LOL.


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