Had this one penciled in.

Before the game I took an opportunity to look at the remaining schedule ( 13 games, a lot can happen). I picked the Cats to win yesterday and another six times in the remaining twelve to finish at 9-9. I know it's early and the difference between a win and loss can come down to a play or two but it was kinda fun to look at. Any other predictions?

I got them down for 6 or 7 wins max. They got nothing.

6 or 7 wins. Hard to see them winning 9.

It would be ironic if the Jones/Masoli team that won 6 games last year in half a season could only win 6-7 wins in 18 tries.

ya, but if noted idiots TILLMAN, MITCHELL hadn't signed Manziel, none of this would have happened and we'd be 6-0 right now!

Are you serious?

No...he isn't.

But we still need a "like" option for these boards.

No, he's not. There is another poster here that spouts that off multiple times in multiple threads, though...

I still think seeing our schedule we get min 8 and max 10 or 11

This team can/will get hot.

Don’t @ me when it happens !

When you are a fan of the 2018 Hamilton Tiger-Cats, you shouldn't pencil anything in.

Must be great to be a Dreamer!

Must suck to be a pessimist

This talk about "dreamers" reminds me of one of the great bits from the movie "Dinner for Schmucks":

I like the way you think.

I’m thinking somewhere between 7-11 and 10-8. We still have 7 games in our division, all winnable since I still think we’re the best team in the East, even if the record doesn’t show it. We play BC twice and if they lose Lulay again, they’re done. We always match up well against Edmonton and Winnipeg, so there’s a chance we win on of those as well.

This was the toughest half of our schedule, and unlike Toronto or Montreal, even though we didn’t play great, we still kept all the games close.