Had it....

...gawdamned sick and tired of losing to the green plague in the playoffs, seriously, four losses in the past five years when we've met this group, sick of it....fed up...

Well, as the saying goes... if you can't beat 'em... :wink: :lol:

...never, while I respect your team's win I can't wear green, clashes with my blue eyes...

....tough loss RedW....i thought you guys were gonna pull it off when that mishandled punt by GriceMullen ended up in the end/zone....I believe there were three stamps on top of the ball and the lone sask. guy (freeman) falls on it ...ouch....
Anyway.....any truth to the rumour flying around that Burris is on the move....possible trade????Can't see it myself HOWEVER ...like you say...too many times to the well coming up empty 'could' mean big change???? :roll:

Honestly...I think if they were to get rid of a couple of cancers in the locker room they will be a much better team unit.

...going to assume I know who you are talking about sparkjay, but don't think 'cancer' is the right term, and I don't mean that from a politically correct p.o.v....to me a cancer in the locker room is someone that a) doesn't interact with their teammates, and b) sees themselves as bigger or more important than the team....I do not see any of the players who had disparaging remarks or said things they probably shouldn't have said after the game fitting into those categories...I would imagine their team mates, guys who handled themselves with reserve and class would look at those that didn't still as their teammates, and probably say to them 'wish you could take that back don't ya?', but wouldn't wish them traded or otherwise gone....

....think of it this way:

a) do I agree with Anderson's comments: Nope
b) do I want him on my team next year: Yup

...besides, in the heat of the moment, you stick a mike into a firecracker's grille what did we all expect to get?!, 'hey grandma, see you soon'....sheyah right

...as for Browner, yeah I think he pushes the envelope on legal coverage and it caught up with him, Fantuz's complaints to the press the day before IMO influenced that but he too did what he felt would help his game, can't fault the guy for that, every player at some point or another trys to get the ref on his side...do I want Browner to play less aggressively next year? not a chance, and neither do his teammates...

couldnt agree more...even tho i didnt get a chance to hear DA's comments or anyone elses really, i had been avoiding anything CFL ever since the drive home from mcmahon sunday evening. I personally feel that the officials embarressed themselves blowing big calls against both teams. that didnt win or lose the game... but it was frustrating to watch.

i was so mad, i couldnt even post for a while. we need to find whatever the one missing peice of the puzzle. and i think it is only one missing peice. maybe one more lineback? it seemed picking up the pass to the runningback in the flats was a tough spot. is chris jones staying on with the stamps? i hope so. i am so sick of the green ands white trend as well. they cant beat the als, but we can. It seems buris cant win the game when the last drive is in his hands. i still watch some of the games i pvr'ed. i pray the huffer is working on what needs to happen. maybe one more peice inthe airial attack... like copeland... oh wait, we had him and traded him away...

I think the coaching staff got a bit out-coached in the Western final too. I would not drop it all on the players. In those bitter conditions (which I suffered through too!) they should have had Henry carrying the rock a bit more I thought to get the running game going as well as reduce the pressure on him. These were not the kind of conditions conducive to an aerial circus anyway, and the Stamps always seem to do well when Burris mixes things up with his legs. Maybe Drew Tate should have been given a series or two as well when the offence "froze" up in the second half. That is a good option the Stamps never had before and should have been utlized maybe. The ball must have felt like a lead brick too. It took me a week to thaw out after sitting through the coldest game I have ever attended of my life! :wink:

The Stamps I think have to be favourites going into next season in the West. All depends if they can keep most of their free agents.

I wasn't there... I wish I was though. On the radio today they reminissed how cold it was there. I just hate listening to the band wagon rider fans Bragg about there triumph over us. We Gota go grey cup next year!

...the last two games at Taylor Field remove some of the sting of history, but doesn't erase it all...

just remember RW, Green means Go, Red means Stop! :lol:

YEP!!!!! :thup: :thup:

...apparently your team did not get the same memo...

no. :frowning:

It hasnt helped me at all. every point the riders get i get angry. we could win like we did against edmonton last year and i would still feel the sting. until i see the stamps hoist the grey cup again and/or trounce the riders in the playoffs, the sting wont go away. i though i was ok in the off season, but when the season started, it was like no time had passes. this might be the reason i drink.

Yep, me too. I want to take them out in the playoffs to get revenge, but I would also love to see them not even make the playoffs.
And it is fun to watch them lose over and over ever week... I can't wait to see who they're going to lose to next!

i would be happy if they didnt win another game for the rest of the season. only bummer about that is they get the first draft pic. hopefully they could trade it away.

Given Taman's track record, your hope may turn out to be reality.

we have two wins against them this season. but its not enough. we need to bury them when they come to town.

If we can pull this off, and BC wins against edmonton, were looking at the riders missing the playoffs.