Had enough of this site yet

If you like me are pretty fed up with this site lately, I suggest we all migrant over to 13thman.com. Things are pretty slow over there right now, but we could liven it up some. At least it works, and has forums for every team like this one.

You go first and we'll follow.

I have been there for years although not so much since 06. Just made a few posts on there today though.

LOL... there is a thread at theZone about a death watch for 13thman... the site is full of imbeciles and goofs, many of them mods... one won't "financially support" his team because they hired ET... another has an avatar of himself urinating on the Argo logo-- and those are the mods!!... that alone tells you what kind of fans there are at that site.. there are some good posters there.. but most of them couldn't answer a football question if they tried...

but if we were there, that would not be so anymore, right :slight_smile:

...I'm back at work Monday and will email Jett, he needs to get the fumigator in here to resolve some of these issues....

maybe they should start a thread there about this site.

Red, they were front and centre when the changeover was happening.

They were also very very vocal in here when I had the temerity to say something about IT people and make-work projects.

But now, with what are clearly serious issues with this site, it's been dead silence.

So I hope you are able to get some resolution to this. . . even a "we're working on it folks" would be a pleasant change. . .

Been there done that, won't go back as the mods are horrendous/anal.

Internet sites have a life span of 5 years....

this forum will be five years old May 20th...

actually, cfl.ca forum has been around more than 10 yrs. It was just a different name run by different people and looked and functioned very different. Unlike other sites, this one will continue to be around as long as the cfl wants it, and amount of usage will be affected mostly by how well the site is run. Other sites may die and fade away, but this site will just slow down some. Unless MRX kills it.

If you are amongst those who ever wondered why an American fan of the CFL posts on here so often about also the NFL and all things football instead of on some other site, right there should give you one example that is typical of most other websites full of such douchebags and bojacks. Even the NFL site itself is full of them and with no question for BSPN.

They'll get this site fixed, but I have no idea why it is taking so damn long. And FYB this thread needs more BAH! or maybe should be combined with the "site problems" thread.

Of course the next time any one of them tries to engineer some other so-called improvement based on one of their lame-butt techie pet projects, we get to give them plenty more hell too.

it is the off season, gotta keep that in mind..

but if it's still like this by June? then someone need's a good ass kicking! :x

I'll say this... some of the upgrades were desperately needed. As a result of the upgrades, spam has been virtually wiped out. Anyone remember what it was like before the upgrades? Spambots coming on and posting inappropriate pictures. Spambots coming on and making anywhere from a few posts to 30.

I won't say things are perfect. These new errors annoy me as much as everyone else. However, some of the upgrades were needed.

No argument there

I guess since this is the off season We've been pushed to the back burner, I think by June things will be fixed.

I for one will NOT be here this football season if this S**T is still going on. I really hope they get a grip on this before then because I do enjoy the good people here.

Don't worry Jett will take care of this . :roll:

...according to Jett the MRX staff have repaired the time-dating issue....please pm myself (or if you hate my guts one of the other mods :stuck_out_tongue: ) if you see something that needs looking into further.....

and it only took 10+ weeks. very impressive