Had a chage of heart abou the No Yards rule

I changed my mind abou the No Yards rule and I now think it should be left the way it is.

My reason is that I was reading some old topics today and I discovered this.

  1. That in defence is penalized for breaking the 5 yard zone with the receiver has a clear catch at the ball for 15 yards.
  2. if the defence breaks the zone while the receiver hasn't a chance to or doesn't catch the ball, the penalty is only 5 yards

And as I knew before, the kicker can break the zone without penalty and recover the ball for a possible TD.

I think that is fair rule, and I accept and love the rule now!

and it's also reminiscent of a WFL rule (after I read abou it, I like the WFL and some of it's rules, but I don't love like the CFL :smiley: ) where they would not allow the DE to spot a run three years from the line of S. that rule sucks, but lives on in the WAY better No Yards rule.

Geeze only after 50 people tried to explain it to you :wink:

I'm a stubborn person, I have to discover things my way.

Here are my rule chages again updated. :wink: :

  1. Instead of converts, make TD worth 7 points with an another TD attempt afterwards for one point every time (see Action Point topic) (like in the WFL (1974-1975)).
  2. Bring back the OT lose point but change the points system to: 3 for a win, 2 for a tie or OT win, one for an OT lose, none for a lose.
  3. Keep the cross over, this makes the CFL more based on the league than divisions, unlike the other pro leagues of North America
  4. If the ref interferences with a play, the play should be repeated (this happened to the Cats)
  5. The Single should be extended to include droppunts/kicks on plays and Kickoffs that somehow go though the goal post should be worth a Single. My hope is that this will increase the kicking game a little. If it happens on a punt, 3 points.
  6. If the ball hits the post, it should be a single, unless it goes in. cuz the post is OB and if the ball is OB in the in zone, it’s a Single. (I’m not going to argue with anyone abou this)
  7. The Import rule should be for what College you graduated from rather than nationality if that isn’t the way it is done now. That way players can play either north or south of the broader in college. As long as they play their junior and senior years and graduate in a Canadian college, they are consider an non import (cuz they have been exposed to the Canadian game). Same should apply to players coming from the CJFL or other leagues.
  8. The season should have a 4 week preseason (beginning with an All Star game with last years all stars, optional :smiley: ) then a 20 game regular season. A team has two byes in a 20 game regular season, so each team would play 18 games. There should be 10 weeks when all 10+ teams play and 10 weeks where 2 teams sit out, the frist 5, 4 game weeks can be early and the other, late in the season. (see “The Draft” topic for more info)
  9. When the time is right, expand all teams rosters to 42 players, 3 QB (1 import, 2 non import), 20 non import players, 19 import players.
  10. Have a stronger but fair Salary Cap
  11. the teams will have 2 Challengers a piece in each half, with a man upstairs dictating what’s going on (TMO). Which are independent of the one time outs that the teams already have. If a challenge is made, the refs have 90 seconds to review a play before making a final decision in the play. If no decision is reached in that time, the original call stands.

Time for another one of these Kanga-Kucha responses. Damn man, you're even weirder than me.

Disagree. The action point was a stupid rule, and changed the shape of the game too drastically. Dick Vermiel's 2-point conversion chart does not work with the action point, and we already have a one-point score to adjust game balances in the CFL.

Yes, but A) take out ties, and B) A win by less than 7 points is the same as an OT win.

I don't think anyone is against that. Except for the NHL :frowning:

The ref is a part of the game. If the ref is purposely interfering with play, he can be ejected by the other refs.

Where is the kickoff taken from right now? The 35? Maybe we could back it up to the 25, I dunno. Definitely no points for punts, though...there would be no reason for placekickers anymore. The only points a punt may score are singles. I agree with the kickoff singles though.

If it hits the face of goal, anywhere (crossbar, upright), it should either be a single or a field goal (there is no reason to not score it as three, but I would prefer it be a single). Thrown balls that hit the goal are dead.

You will have no CFL if you do that. Canadians will go to American schools, come home, and suddenly be "imports" in their own country. Also do not count out walk-ons. Leave it as school or nationality, it makes sure that the league is a veritable farm system or side league of the NFL without becoming just a Canadian farce.

This is dependant on expansion.
I believe that if expansion occurred, they'd keep the same schedule they have now, with the two bye weeks. I'm against expanding the preseason (useless). If you want to expand anything, expand the season to up to 22 games and get rid of the preseason altogether. College football has no preseason, so 1-A teams generally schedule 1-AA teams to test the waters.
But I think leaving it the way it is is actually very good for now (10 teams = 2 games per team).

When the time is right. Don't dictacte exact numbers on the QBs, though. I'd rather see them keep the 40-player roster. An expanding roster limit is not necessarily an indication of a stronger league.

I'm not one to comment about salary cap issues. Just make sure that players are getting double the average wage of the country, can afford to live in their market, and have full benefits (although it's Canada, so I guess you don't have to worry about that as much).

2 challenges per game, 3 timeouts per game, if you have both challenges overturned you get a third (final) red flag to throw. 60 seconds for the TMO instead of 90 seconds, and YES to the TMO (duh for anyone who's watched rugby).

Some additional ideas, not necessarily mandates:

A. Widen up the hashes and force players to release the ball where the play was dead - with a yardage penalty as the consequence. No reaching over after the whistle, don't make the ref work harder than he needs to.
B. I don't know the details on the play clock, but I was thinking go back to 4 downs, but with a 15 second play clock instead of 20. Forces you to think more, and play faster. This won't fly, I know, but I wanna make you all think a bit.
C. Rugby Union-style match point scoring. Ask Kanga for details.

There's not much else that Kanga didn't cover. Some of the really weird stuff, like the action point and shit, no. But we've all talked over some other things, and I WAS adamant about the goalpost-hit = rouge issue.

But please, less timeouts, quicker game. Please.

Kanga, do you even know all the rules in the CFL......for someone who puts as much thought as you do into trying to change them, why not expel some of that energy and read them first..

Here is my take on it
3 no
4 no
5 no
6 no
7 no
8 no

Like I said before for a guy who love the game you sure dont like it very much

Come to think about it, Is their anything about OUR country you do like?
Change our game.
Change our flag.
Change our borders.

you guys have great beer! :smiley: I LOVE MOLSON AND LABATT BLUE! Great Hockey! Canada is more lie Australia than America but more independent (or it's what I'd like my country to be like, have it's our flag, etc.). etc.

Change our game: even with these changes above, the CFL is much better than the NFL, you should see the list for that! :shock: Andlets not forget how much I LOVE the single and the Cross Over. and all the chages I listed above are minor chages.

Change our flag: I said I liked the Dual one better than current one, and if I WAS CANADIAN, I'd vote for it. but there is nothing wrong with the current one the way it is now.

Change our borders: Yeah, but I want to add more territory than reduce it, that's a big diffenrence.

CFL is a great (if not, THEE greatest) league, and the game it places is great too. (a conbination of mostly griniron, some rugby, and some of it's our unique rules!). :wink:

but Aussie Ball is the greatest game on the planet, peroid. However, our pro league sucks!

There, I said it!

Okay, I'm not quoting these, because I don't want this post to take up a whole page. Check the numbers if you want to know what I'm talking about.

  1. I guess I don't really understand the "action point" as you guys are referring to it. When they started allowing the defence on a convert attempt to return the ball for two points, they referred to that as an "action point," but I guess that's not what you're talking about.

  2. There are two possibilities they should consider regarding points in the standings: either (a) bring back the overtime loss point as it was before (2 for win, 1 for tie or OT loss, 0 for loss), or (b) go back to the old overtime format, with two 10-minute halves, and keep the points system as it is. The ideas proposed by you guys, I can't agree to.

  3. Agree with keeping the crossover exactly as it is.

  4. I've never heard of a ref purposely interfering with a play, but I don't imagine he'd be a ref much longer if he did that. The officials are considered a part of the field, like the goal post, and it's up to the players to avoid them. No "do-overs."

  5. The kickoff, currently taken from the 35, used to be taken from the 45, and I remember when they moved it back 10 yards to improve the receiving team's field position. I don't support moving it back further, as any half-decent return would give the receiving team the ball at around the 45. No points for punts or kickoffs going through the goal post.

  6. A kicked ball that hits the goal post and bounces back should not be a single, since it never actually crossed the goal line. If it continues through the goal posts on a field goal attempt, it is a field goal; so if it continues into the end zone on a punt or a wide field goal, it should be a single, unless the other team is able to take it out. The no-yards rule should still apply.

  7. Agree with Steve-o.

  8. I would support a longer pre-season, as it would mean teams are more well-prepared at the start of the season. As it is now, the first few games of the year are pretty much a crapfest. They used to have a 4-game preseason, and no one ever talked about players or teams being "in midseason form," since they were all at the top of their game from Game 1. The problem is convincing the players' association that more pre-season games would be a good thing. If the league went to 10 teams, I think the 18 games will be played in 18 weeks, with every team playing every week.

  9. Agree with Steve-o on the QB thing.

  10. The salary cap must be either (a) realistic and strictly enforced, (b) tied to each team's revenue, or (c) eliminated. My preference is (a), but it has to increase every single year, so teams can try and compete to retain their own free agents.

  11. Never watched rugby, so I have no idea what a TMO is. If both challenges are overturned you get a third flag...that means you get three challenges. Two are enough, along with the 1 timeout per half. If you challenge, and the original ruling is changed, or if it stands because there is not enough evidence to overturn it, you get your flag back. If the replay shows that the ruling was correct, you lose your flag. Flags should be yellow, not red, to eliminate confusion with the officials' penalty flags.

A. Widening the hash marks would only shorten the short side of the field and make short kicks harder than they already are. I don't think we need to slow down the game further by adding another penalty for a minor infraction like not leaving the ball where you were tackled.

B. I don't know the details on the play clock, but I was thinking go back to 4 downs, but with a 15 second play clock instead of 20. Forces you to think more, and play faster. This won't fly, I know, but I wanna make you all think a bit.
B. Four downs? Are you mad? We'd be playing NFL rules within ten years. No way!

C. Don't know the "Rugby Union-style match point scoring."

How about some other things:
(I) On roll-out plays, roughing the passer should only be called if the defender takes more than two steps, like it used to be. The current wussy-style roughing rules would still apply if the QB remains in the pocket. (Can you tell that my team has a pocket passer? :wink: )
(II) Don't stop the play for procedure and offside penalties, unless the quarterback is about to be hit before the snap. The non-offending team should have the right of refusal if the play goes in their favour. A penalty flag should never stop a play once it is in progress.
(III) No more roughing penalties for legal hits made after the play but before the whistle (with the exception of "piling on" a player who is already on the ground.) If the official can't react in time to blow the whistle, why do they expect the players to react in time to hold off on a crushing block.

That's just a few.