Habs suck...GO LES OISEAUX GO!!

Man, I cant wait till football starts!! Especially that the Habs suck! I have officially moved out of section C2 after 5 years, got tired of missing circus catches and not knowing what down we were on! If anyone is in section M1 come say hi! :rockin:

Hardly earth-shattering news, Mike - they've sucked for years! In any given year, it was a struggle to barely make it into last spot in the standings, only to be shut down in the first round of the playoffs. Occasionally, they made it to the second round but rarely further. In hockey, you need guys that can put it in the net - they haven't had players like that for...let's see - I can't remember that far back!!!

With all of the brouhaha surrounding hockey in this town with its almost unbelievable media circus, they Can-a-chiens as Lestaf calls them will never attract blue chip players. They also don't have a Sammy Pollock any more, either. So, I like CFL football and the NCAA (a big ND fan!). When the CFL season ends, I watch the NFL. After the Super Bowl, it's pretty much a "dead season" for me, although I watch a little of the March Madness.

Can't wait for Training Camp!!!!

Go Als go!!!!

Les Canachiens sont des Canariens.

Habs fans and media followers blow even harder.

What's the point in putting down one Montreal sports franchise to elevate another? As an Als fan who is also a Habs fan, I don't really see the need for a thread like this. :thdn:

It's the off-season. You do what you can to kill time. :wink:

Tout à fait d’accord, nous n’avons pas besoin de parler d’eux sur le forum des Alouettes.

I agree. Oh I didn't start it :lol: :oops:

Well, d&p, we have all put down various players, coaches, owners, and even Jim Popp on this forum, have we not?

It is true that this is the Als' forum, but they are the Montreal Alouettes. There are other teams in this fair city, so a comment from time to time about the other pro sports is not entirely out of place. Case in point - the recent passing of Gary Carter.

While I am not an NHL fan, I do respect the fact that others are and even diehard Canadiens' fans. So, point taken - let's concentrate on the team for whom this forum is designed, i.e. the Als.

Go Als go!!!

This is the reason why I hesitate to respond to things on this forum. Nobody had wrote anything for days so i though i would have a little fun. Habs usually bring us to the beginning of May than, only have to wait 1 month before camp. Now with the Habs not making the playoffs its going to be even longer. Also if you noticed most of my post was about me changing my section at Molson stadium. Thumbs up Discipline for always having something to say though, keep it up, there is already almost no action on this forum keep putting people down and they will really go away for good. :thup:

Not to worry, Mike! You are entitled to your opinion like anyone else.

When the Habs are worse than the Leafs you have to laugh at them. Senior must be bashing something fierce over on the Als Forum where he probably has offered to take over the GM job ..bwwwahhhhh

It is scary to think what would happen to the Alouettes franchise if they were to hit a similar skid as the Habs.

The Canadiens are part of Montreal/Quebec culture, the CFL is not.

Well, how did you expect a fan of both franchises to respond? Different sport, league, challenges, so why even compare them? Sure, go ahead and bash the Habs if it makes you feel better. It don't make me no nevermind. :wink:

I echo that sentiment, ideal.

We are probably going to witness a "changing of the guard" this season for the Als. With all due respect to AC and all that he has accomplished, both on the field of play and off, he isn't going to be around forever. Someone else, likely AD, is going to have to take over at some point. Very few players have ever taken over and made a big (and continued!) splash out of the gate. There will be, inevitably, a "break-in period" where we will have our share of losses as the new guard takes over the reins. Comparisons with the past are also inescapable.

How will the (primarily non-football) fans react? That remains to be seen. My hope is that with the success of the Rouge et Or's and Carabins' respective programmes, that more Quebecers have now taken to football and will keep supporting the Als, even during a transition phase. Soccer seems to also have gained a foothold in Montreal. However, that hope is always tempered by the fact that, outside of hockey, they only seem to back a winner in other sports. We've seen this picture before, have we not?

So let's hope for the best, and that the Als can have a good season, that AC can rack up more impressive stats, that the Als of the the future will have a chance to hone their skills, and, most of all, that we can look forward to another GC!

Go Als go!