I am not one to normally come to another teams thread and post all that much. But I just can't resist this time. Calgary you got what you deserved by far, serves your fans and players smug cocky attitudes they carry with them right. Calgary was lucky that the Riders offense wasn't working all that well that game could have been way out of hand with all the turnovers.

Cheers for next year!!!!!!!

I got atleast one more game to watch


PS there is nothing better than the home team actually being able to hear the boooooos as they are announced way to show up Rider fans!!!!!!

....your mother would be ashamed at your manners....wouldn't you consider what you wrote as being cocky and smug?...seriously, learn to be a better winner and not bring down your good rider brothers and sisters....

....that being said go beat BC all the same...

Your right what I did write was cocky and smug. 100% I agree. But I am a Riders fan, I don’t have that many chances to be cocky and smug so I took it right or wrong.

the stamps did do good except for burris, so hats off to them. maybe now some of them will help us cheer the riders on to beat bc

good luck to the riders in BC. You palyed ahellava game today!

...lol, no problem, unbridled excitement can get the best of most people......lets all enjoy the western final now...

Cheers RedandWhite!!!!!!


Hi R&W. I think something that gets overlooked when our Riders come to town is the quality, dedication and class of the Stampeder fan base. I have been to Calgary for non-Rider games and was really pleased to see the level of support. Also, McMahon (like TF) has great gameday atmosphere. In closing, our boys had to beat a very good football team to get to the Western Final. Good luck in 2007 Stamps.

You got my cheers :slight_smile:

I kind of figured they would win after we banned Gainer :roll:


And thanks for that comment :thup:

it was an exciting game. i hope you don't put the blame on one or two people. burris is an easy target but he didn't exactly have much time or room to deliver & higgins is a pretty damn good coach. it was his team that won the cup in edmonton, not dans.

the debate - offence vs defence

another point for defence

see you next season

...all good points.....I just want to note I had a pretty good time with all the rider fans sitting around my son and I and the other regulars that populate our section yesterday....well, there was one stuck up older lady with diamonds all over her fingers who we could have done without, snob and a poor winner....but for the most part we all got along famously and constantly ribbed each other as the game went back and forth.....these two fellows a couple of rows in front of us must have unloaded about $150 each on rider hats, shirts, coats, beer mugs, you name it....they were a hoot....hope to see it all again next year...

Hey Red, Thats what makes it fun! A few years ago similar thing at BC Place, good natured ribbing with the Rider fans.

i just wanted 2 say HA ! 2 thats all :lol:

…well BGM, welcome to the next-year club…HA…

Hi R&W. We as Rider fans are very familiar with that territory.....Unfortunately. Good luck to the Stamps and Riders in 07'. Cheers!!!

…while I normally abhor rubbing it in I couldn’t stand by and allow BGM’s dangerously inflated head to pose a risk to himself and others…I was pulling for the green and white yesterday, too bad it didn’t work out for us prairie folk this year…oh well, can’t win them all…have agood off season haus and yes let’s look forward to the '07 seaosn!!..