H1N1 Vaccinations

With the playoffs right around the corner, it’s obviously important that the team goes in as healthy as possible. There was some discussion about our Olympic athletes jumping the queue and getting vaccinated ahead of the general public, but that fell through.

Is anyone willing to give up their place in line to help out the Riders? Take one from the team? All we need is about 50 or so suckers...er I mean volunteers.


Go Riders!

Who’d a thunk a subject like this would ever make it to a CFL thread, but that’s the reality of today.

IMO, I wouldn’t TAKE the shot if I were a player. The side effects of a FLU shot can shut a guy down in the short term. I’d stay isolated, lots of hand sanitizer, and anything else.

I completely agree. :smiley:


Personally, I've never had any side effects whatsoever from a flu shot, save for a sore arm for a few hours. Giving up my place in line wouldn't help anyway, as here only children, pregnant women, and the elderly are permitted to receive the H1N1 vaccine...but if I did have a place in line, there's no way I'd step aside for a football player. A sick child, yes, but not another healthy adult.

I kinda meant it metaphorically. I realize you can't literally give up your place in line. But if enough people agreed, we could let the Riders step in and get theirs early. It sounds like the general public will be unable to get the shots for at least 3 more weeks. Right now it's essential personnel (ie health care workers, who by the way, were all healthy adults) and the most vulnerable. You could rationalize that the Riders are vulnerable as they spend a lot of time in airports and in crowds. You may even be able to rationalize that an early vaccination of the Riders will help the general public by not spreading the virus around the country as much. I just read that the Calgary Flames (and their families - that's weird) received their vaccinations ahead of the general public. Whether you agree or not, suddenly you have an uneven playing field. So suppose the CFL Western Final featured the Riders and the Stamps, and the Stamps got vaccinations 2 weeks prior, but the Riders didn't get them at all. Obviously that wouldn't be fair.

It's my opinion that no one in the general public should be able to jump the queue - athletes included! I'm just concerned that other teams and other provinces may have a different view, and my get an upper hand. I think the league should step in and put in a policy addressing the issue.

Media reported yesterday that federal inmates are receiving the vaccine ahead of other adults. I have an issue with that...I work daily with people whose parents don't deem it important to keep their kids at home, and I am therefore exposed to all kinds of illnesses on a regular basis...yet a federal inmate has a higher place on the vaccination list than everyone else does...

The reality is that many on the team has already gotten the flu. Most of this happened leading up to the Hamilton game.

The simple fact is that virtually every flu that has happened this season in Canada is H1N1. So unless you really believe that the team is some sort of medical anolmaly, then the fact is that they already have the illness or have been exposed to it, so a vaccine at this point would be of little point.

How many of them before this year got their yearly flu shots? I think most of them will be ok as long as they take care of themselves, wash their hands, etc. We already saw what happened when the Calgary flames jumped the queue for their H1N1 shots, don't want a repeat of that here.

Where I work, an ass't manager got his regular flu shot and it made him sick for 3 days.. then he is now out for 7 as he contracted H1N1.. so much for the flu shot helping him out.. I didn't get a shot and had the flu.. first time I've gotten it in quite a long time. I havent had a flu shot since I became an adult, so to me the getting vaccinated is highly overrated. Doctors cannot tell you what the side effects the H1N1 vaccine are, short or long term... seems to me that they rolled out the vaccine in reponse to the panic by the WHO and the sensationalistic media...

My kids got it, and I'm getting it this week as well. The regular flu shot will not protect you against the H1N1 strain, as it does not carry the proper components. The H1N1 shot is not all that different from the regular flu shot, save for the strain of flu it helps to prevent. It's also important to note that the Canadian H1N1 shot does not contain a live virus as many other countries' shots have - ours has a killed virus, so it is not possible to contract H1N1 from the flu shot itself. If you contract H1N1 before the vaccine has time to take effect, however, you can still be sick, although it will be in a milder form.

I have heard of stories of people being paralyzed from the hips down due to the shot. I would rather take my shot with the h1n1 virus then have to learn how to walk again.

Haven't heard that at all, even from relatives and friends I have in the health field. There are, however, side effects from anything - even with the seasonal flu shot. It all comes down to a personal choice, and remembering that one cannot always believe everything one reads.

I didnt read it. I was talking to somebody the other day and said that a relative of theirs ended up paralyzed for a couple of weeks from the waist down. They are a fairly reliable source so I dont really think I have any reason to think they are lieing. Anyways just thought I would add this, and again its a personal choice as to whether or not you will get the vaccine.

I never once said you (or anyone else, for that matter) were lying - I simply said I'd never heard it. I assume you're talking about Guillain-Barre syndrome, which is a rare disorder. While some people suspect there may be a link between GBS and the flu shot, there is yet to be conclusive proof that the two are connected, as GBS is also caused from other factors. I know someone with GBS, and they live a very normal life.

Any vaccine is always a personal choice. However, there is a higher risk of Guillaine-Barre Syndrome from getting the flu than from the flu shot.

There is very little risk in regards to the H1N1 vaccine in Canada. Unlike a regular seasonal flu shot, which quite often contains a small amount of live virus, the H1N1 shot does not contain any live virus. This means that the shot will in no way contribute to you getting the H1N1 flu.

There can always be a risk of allergic reaction to a shot of any kind, however the statistical risk of the flu is much much greater than that of recieving a vaccine shot.

It's good that people are asking questions, but the mass fear isn't needed. As children we all got mumps, measels, tetnus, hepatitis, etc, shots. These are all the same idea. If it was still readily available I would say get the shot.

In terms of the Calgary Flames situation. That was a huge farce used by the media for ratings / opposition publicity. I work in health care for Alberta Health Services and cannot believe someone got fired for that. At that point, everyone and their dog was in line to get the shot and personal Dr's offices were even starting to get the vaccine. So the Flames did nothing wrong. It was just mismanaged the whole country wide. Not the Flames fault.

There rant done :slight_smile: