H1N1 and the Ticats?

Question 1: will the club take the necessary precautions like not sharing water bottles etc to minimize the risks!

Question 2: How are the import players protected just curious with a private health insurance plan and does it cover their immediate family back home? Is some of this stuff mandated by the CFL players association? or is each team different? Type of Benefits?

Question 3. Can we have some soap in the public -FANS washrooms! :lol:

Soap in the bathrooms! Ur askin a little much budd!

There a Chance this could be last Home game anyways till 2010.

May have already hit the green guys. Scroll down on this site to "H1N1 Hysteria Hits Riderville."


could anyone get H1N1 and how can you get it?

Cheatwood thats not a serious question I hope. Anyone can catch it, it's a different strain of influenza and it's been all over the news for at least a year now ,you been living under a rock?

Is it wrong to have visions in your head of an eastern final marred by the home team coming down with a mass case of H1N1? (like that commercial where all the players on one team get food poisoning, and the only happy fan is the one who bet against them)

Of course, I don't really want the Alouettes to get sick. Because that would be bad.

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Lets hope the Ticats take it seriously for the players AND the fans and make sure there are enough soap and water and paper towells in the washrooms . It usually is a disgrace and with the H1N1 around it should be MANDATORY that everything is in good working order !!!!!

I think the Riders should forfeit

Have you seen the proline commercial ! :twisted: LoL

Not a laughing matter but could happen A ..With the flu going around like it is I was told drink lots a hot fluids and lots of hand and face washing ..... I just took the hot drink part and added my own brand of heat :wink: And away i go ... Hope all's well and this outbreak gets under control more then out of control . If im getting sick its beause of the booze on saturday :rockin: :thup:

As for expecting the stadium to have more supply's ! I usual don't take that chance in any public gathering bring your own little bottle of sanitizer Little on the face and hands never hurt ......

How many players do you need to be with your team before a forfeit takes place ?

Go Cat's Go

Keep your immune system strong by eating well, staying properly hydrated year round, (most people are de-hydrated and don't even know it) manage stress properly, get proper sleep and stop over-indulging on medicine for every little ache and pain or sniffles you may develop..

Oh, and stop shaking hands with people...........the Japanese and other eastern cultures learned this long ago.

I'd have to say that most people have the ability to weather the virus just fine if they contract the flu. People die of influenza every year due to underlying conditions and I don't see this as being any different quite frankly.

I will put a disclaimer on my post though and state I'm not a medical expert so my words are not to be taken as gospel, but rather just an opinion I have of this issue and how I look at it all.

As a side note, doesn't alcohol, namely beer, take care of most viruses?...... :lol: :wink: :cowboy:

over the lips over the gum's look out belly here she comes ....

To add onto what Deerhunter was saying about hydration. A basic rule of thumb. If your mouth is dry, you are dehydrated. AVOID caffeine and alcohol (I know easier said than done). Drink lots of water. Sports drinks such as Gatorade are great for keeping you hydrated.

I too am not a Doctor, however I do like to play Dr.

SARS, Bird Flu, West Nile, Swine Flu

......somebody be sure to start a thread when this most recent hysteria is over and we're onto a new one.

you forgot the worst virus of all......Y2K :lol:

If it worries you bring your own hand sanitizer

Q: What's the difference between swine flu and bird flu?

A: For swine flu you get oinkment, for bird flu you get tweetment.

Well no kidding ballboy, but is it too much to ask for the city and the team to have proper water , soap and paper towells available ?? Is it gonna break the bank or is it that they have not bothered for soooo long that they no longer care what is available at the stadium ?? I know when you go to Cops its all in working order . I know its a lot newer facility , but enough is enough .

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